Yoga Poses For Sciatica Relief

For those of you that have not heard of sciatica it is simply a pinched nerve in your back. Since I fell pregnant with my first baby I started with sciatica. It was always just a slight pain in my left buttock and the pain would sometimes come down my leg. After the birth of my first baby I didn’t have any problems again until I fell pregnant with my second baby.

My sciatica was slightly worse with my second pregnancy and it continued after birth. Now that my kids are 5 and 3 years old it has suddenly flared up very badly. I think it has to do with my son sleeping in my bed every night. He snuggles so close to me that he is pushing me off the bed every night leaving me clinging on for dear life in my sleep. Not exactly conducive to a good night’s sleep, plus it is leaving me sleeping very twisted.

Recently my sciatica has gotten so bad that I have severe pain in my buttocks and pain shooting down my leg all the way to my foot.

Something that is very helpful for sciatica is doing yoga, which I have been doing at home and it is helping to relieve my sciatica (along with sessions at Body Stress Relief).

This is the yoga video that I have been doing and it has been helping me. If you are suffering with severe sciatica too then I suggest you give this yoga for sciatica a go!



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  1. Thanks @lynne i will try those yoga move i real need it after birth

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