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Life Is Short, Have A Chocolate – World Chocolate Day 2020

Every day should be chocolate day and regardless of how the world has changed, chocolate should still be on the menu. Whether you’re back at work or working from home, there’s an irresistibly smooth melting Lindt chocolate to suit every moment! All your favourite Lindt treats are now available for delivery across South Africa via Uber Eats, so don’t forget to sweeten up your day. PS Lindt chocolate is running a buy one get one free promotion for today only.

Birthday celebrations with chocolate cake

Birthday celebrations are not complete without a decadent chocolate cake personalised with decorations as well as candles. And while parties are a thing of the past, you can still have your cake and eat it too! Loved by the young and the old, cake is a special addition to mark a new milestone such as growing older and of course wiser. Belle’s Patisserie’s in Sandton offers the famous Death by Chocolate Cake which retails for R780 will be the cherry on top for anyone celebrating their special day.

Death By Chocolate

Anniversary dinner dessert

Many people around the world celebrate anniversaries in various ways. During lockdown, options are sadly limited and many are spending it indoors! Just hop on the Uber Eats app to find a delicious meal for two that is stress-free, dish-free and allows you to spend quality time together. Uber Eats also has dessert covered, we suggest a decadent dessert courtesy of Belem Confectionery located in Pretoria with a Chocolate Swiss Roll that won’t break the bank for R38. 

Chocolate Swiss Roll

New job, new degree = new me

While the world is upside down, life must go on and that includes celebrating milestones like completing a degree or acing an interview to kick start a career. A celebration breakfast with the family coupled by Chocolate aux Amandes from Truth HQ in Cape Town which costs R42 each will sure be a winner.

Chocolate Aux Amandes

Afternoon cheat snack

While gyms have been closed and many opting to continue working out from the comfort of their own home, a sweet treat to reward the hard work such as the classic Chocolate Sundae makes us for all the hours slaving away doing push-ups. Courtesy of  Mcdonalds, this decadent old classic costs R22.40 atstores located across the country.

Chocolate Sundae

Congratulations mommy and daddy

The arrival of a  newborn is exciting for the entire family, while mommy might be running low on sleep, a
sweet treat such as the Classic Chocolate Cinnabon combo from Cinnabon for R112.00 can definitely go a long way.

Classic Chocolate CInnabon Combo

And while social distancing means we cannot do the traditional celebrations with our loved ones, Uber Eats ensures you remain connected with your loved ones. Use the“Share this delivery” feature to share a decadent chocolate treat and have it delivered to a loved one’s location using the Uber Eats app. Simply share the status of delivery with a simple tracking link and they can track their tasty treat from start to finish!

About Uber Eats
Uber Eats allows people to search for and discover local restaurants, order a meal at the touch of a button, and have it delivered reliably and quickly. Since launching the Eats app three and a half years ago, the business has leveraged Uber’s technology and logistics expertise to serve 6000+ cities globally, all while keeping average delivery time under 30 minutes. In SSA Uber Eats is currently in over nine cities across South Africa (Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town, Stellenbosch, Paarl, Pietermaritzburg, Bloemfontein, Port Elizabeth, and Soweto) and in one city in Kenya (Nairobi). Restaurants looking to sign up to the Uber Eats marketplace can start here

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