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Why Personal Touch Is So Elemental For Babies

Touch makes you baby feel nurtured, protected and safe in his new environment. Fostering your new born can enhance her physical and emotional development and it is highly beneficial to do activities to create more opportunities for “touch time” with your baby.
Not only is this an excellent way of bonding with your baby, but personal touch has been linked to reducing stress, lowering blood pressure as well as generating feel-good hormones such as Oxytocin. Various studies revealed that personal touch for babies is just as essential for overall health and growth as nutrition.

Why Personal Touch Is So Elemental For Babies

These activities can provide the perfect opportunity for increasing touch time with your baby:

  • Carrying your baby in a baby carrier or sling at home while you’re catching up on household chores. It is highly soothing and relaxing for a baby to move around with you, hearing your voice and feeling your heartbeat.
  • When you’re bathing your baby, gently massage her legs and arms and while bathing her, introduce her to various textures such as a facecloth, foam from baby wash on her tummy, placing the soap bar in her hands and dropping water droplets on her tiny legs.
  • After bath time, gently lay baby on a changing mat and gently rub baby aqueous cream all over her body while laughing, talking and smiling.
  • Swaddling and holding your baby just before lying her down for a nap or feeding times. Swaddling has been known to mimic the feeling a baby experienced while still in your womb and helps them feeling calm and relaxed.

Many people may say that holding your baby too much can spoil them, but this is simply not true. Babies feel most secured and safe when they are held closely, cuddled and being nurtured, especially if you can do this with skin to skin contact. They will only be this tiny for so long and before you know it, they’ll be all grown up and spreading their wings. So, make every minute count.

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  1. When I was a young mum I also heard people telling me that holding a baby too much can spoil them. I would not accept that as truth as I instinctively knew, that as human beings, we all love human touch. When my daughter was little, she even used to sleep on my chest at night. She slept more peacefully and so did I, although I was also warned that it was dangerous as I could roll over and suffocate her. This never happened and we both bonded on such a deep level. I guess we just need to trust our own maternal instincts.

    • Yes I was also told that Gwen and it felt wrong on all levels to me! My son is 6 years old and he is such a cuddler still. I am just getting in as much as I can since I sure that soon he will decide he is too big for that! I also co-slept with both my babies and even now with a 6 year old and 8 year old – they go to sleep in their own beds but they very rarely stay there.

  2. Hi Lynne. This article is very informative and personal touch and babies is extremely important. They need to feel that connection from mommy in order to thrive and be healthy. Baby carriers are very beneficial!

    • Oh yes I couldn’t agree with you more! I love my baby carriers – it kept my babies so close and comfy!

  3. Oh yes, touch is very important for babies. It not only soothes and relaxes the baby but also helps in his overall growth. And of course, strengthens the bond between the mother and child. I had a baby carrier for my son. He loved it and it was easier for me to carry for longer periods of time as well. Thanks for this informative post, Lynne!

    • Oh yes a baby carrier is the best Shilpa! I have to say that I found touching my baby soothing and comforting for me too. There is nothing like cuddling your child!

  4. We cuddled the heck out of my son when he was a baby – and we still do, even though he’s all grown up. I think it is a blessing to have a tactile baby who enjoys being held. I am pretty sure we have a strong relationship because we hug and kiss freely. We also co-slept because he hated his crib and preferred the bed. So many happy nostalgic moments. I am always amazed how babies calm down instantly with some peoples’ touch. Like magic.

    • Oh I know what you mean Vidya! My daughter is not much of a cuddler but my son and I could spend the whole day cuddling!

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