Why Do Vets Recommend High-Quality Puppy Food?

Every vet you visit when you take your puppy to have their shots will have a selection of high-quality puppy food that they recommend instead of off-the-shelf brands. What is the reason for this? Does it make such a difference to your pet if you give them one over the other?

This is the Reason Why Vets Promote Puppy Food Made with Natural Ingredients

There is a distinct difference between the puppy food that is sold by a veterinary practice, and that which the vet recommends in person. The question you should ask your vet is: what food do they feed their puppy? Many times a vet is working in a practice that has a preferred puppy food supplier that isn’t using the strict quality controls that a more elite brand provides.

Here are some of the reasons why your vet will recommend a puppy-friendly, better brand food for your pet:

  • Grain is not the number one ingredient because dogs were never meant to eat carbohydrates as their primary source of food; grain should be a minor ingredient at the very most
  • Better brand puppy food does not use by-products from slaughterhouse waste
  • Wheat, corn gluten, and beet pulp left over from the processing of these foods for humans should not be in the first ten listed ingredients; these are indigestible for puppies
  • It contains none of the above listed “filler” ingredients that will add nothing to the well-being of your puppy
  • High-quality puppy food contains no ingredient that a dog cannot easily digest; these bulk products have a low or zero biological value compared to other protein sources

There are some excellent puppy foods available that use highly beneficial ingredients in their products and yet are still affordable. Why this is recommended by vets as one of the best choices, and why you should extend the life of your beloved pet by choosing it, makes for fascinating reading.

Why is it Important to Choose a Puppy Food Made in the U.S.A.?

Big-name puppy food brands have large budgets to spend on promoting their product, even if it is not the best choice for pet owners. Smaller brands rely on positive word of mouth from people who buy their wet and dry foods and have a dog with fewer health problems and loads of energy. This is why researching the best food to give your puppy is so important.

The best high-quality puppy foods are made in the States. The top elite brands do not contain ingredients sourced from outside the country, which gives them the ability to control every piece of food that goes into the production.

The batches of high-quality puppy food are kept smaller during the manufacturing process since over-seeing quality control is easier when production is more select. For these puppy-loving food companies, the bottom line for them is that you have a happy, healthy doggie who will grow up to be a shining example of its owner’s love.

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