Why bartending is a great job for single moms

Bartending: The Most Profitable Job for Single Moms

The nature of bartending is changing. A decade or two earlier, bartending for men and women was a temporary job, till they found a “real one”. Today, just almost everything has evolved, bartending too has adopted a different nature. Many people are now entering this industry seeking a profitable career.

One of the biggest challenges in motherhood is fighting time. For single mothers, it is even more difficult especially when they are studying along with taking care of their child. House chores, and homework, as well as the pressure to earn is exhausting. In such a busy life, your job needs to give you enough money and enough time to manage all at least in a timely manner.

A lot of people today work at bars and restaurants, and surprisingly in today’s economy, the money is still big. People with a graduate and master’s degree often end up working in a restaurant without it reducing their ego, for the money is good.

Similarly, a bartender earns more than the one who works at a restaurant. For example, if a waiter walks out with 100$ tip on weekends, a bartender working at a good bar would be walking out with $200. In 2016, the average bartender salary was around $19,000 including tips.

This gives single mothers an opportunity to earn well for the welfare of their child. If you are wondering why bartending pays more, here is why:


The majority of those who visit such restaurants and bars are well off- it would be even fair to say that they are “rich”. Most of the times, people come to such places to enjoy a drink. Of course food is important too, but weekends and dates are especially all about drinks. Drinking brings them relaxation. The enlightenment of their mood inclines them towards a generous tip.


Restaurants always have bookings, and it is highly likely that the one who booked the table is either going to come late or leave late. This leaves many customers in a cue, and they prefer waiting at the bar. The longer the stay at the bar, the better the tip.


The atmosphere of a restaurant is fancy. People are served formally and treated like kings and queens. On the other hand, the ones who wait at the bar relax in a more casual environment. This relaxed environment includes laughing loud, talking and drinking. This relaxed atmosphere encourages flirting and fun which keeps the customers in a good mood. A happy customer means a happy bartender (generous tips).

On the other hand, bartending is not easy. It does not mean you will just stand at the bar like a robot filling drinks without moving. It requires effort and is both physically and mentally exhausting. You have to learn everything about every single drink in the bar. This learning is backed by weeks of training.  You will make a lot of friends every day, but probably none of them will remember you once the drink ends.  It can also be a painful social experience. But nonetheless, it has some perks that single mothers can benefit the most from.

Flexible hours

Bartending is not like a 9-5 job. You can offer your services for a few hours or be a night owl. The hours you work can be your own choice. So it gives single mothers the leverage to adjust their job according to the time which suits the routine of their children.

You can leave anytime

Unlike a corporate contract based job, bartending is based on hourly wages. There are no contracts, except the job policies. You can leave the job whenever you want to, and even rejoin whenever you want to. In simple words, it is one of the most flexible jobs.

You can turn it into a business

I have met a lot of mothers who have eventually saved up enough to start their own small bar business. Bartending helps you learn a lot which gives you an opportunity to set a career in this industry. If you feel like you are a professional bartender, you can always save and register for your own small business.

You get free drinks

Sometimes, by the end of the day, mothers feel like they need a break too. Well, the good thing is that they are always around alcohol and have the benefit of enjoying a few free drinks.

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  1. I have alot of respect foe single mommies and the ones thats working…that is one job i wont survive in ia barlady i dont judge but that me i know i wont be able to do it…im stay home mom and feel the tiredness i can imagine how mommies feel working and if you work bartender hours….

    • Well I think perhaps in a lot of ways it would work out well. If you work in the evenings while your kids are sleeping and there is someone looking after them it means you can be at home with your kids in the afternoons.

      Of course for me being an alcoholic and drug addict in recovery it certainly wouldn’t be a viable option at all! Living with addiction is hard enough, I can’t go and put myself in harms way like that.

      • Omfg, really? Bartending is flexible and you can leave anytime? Really? I do t get time off unless I cover my own shifts in advance. I’m called into work may random hours with no notice. I get no sick time for anything, even post covid. Wherever you’re bartending sounds amazing. Please hook us all up. Cause I really miss my kids.

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