When to Call a Pest Control Specialist?

If the thought of having an insect or rodent scuttling around your home sends chills down your spine, don’t delay in calling a pest control expert today. However, if you are lucky enough to have a tolerance for things that go bump in that night, then it is a good idea to read about when it is time to call in a vermin and insect specialist to help with a problem.

When Someone in the House is Allergic?

If a family member has suddenly begun coughing and sneezing, this could be a sign that something bad is living in the house with you. Termite dust, rat, and mouse feces can all cause a young or senior living in the house to start coughing. However, the number one reason to call a pest control specialist is when bees, wasps, or hornets are building a nest in your garden.

When someone you know is allergic to bee stings, you must eradicate a potential hive from being built in your garden. The really bad news is that many people are allergic to bee stings and they don’t know it yet. Bees, wasps, and hornets attack in swarms so that the danger of getting an overdose of allergens is even higher. Think safety first and call environmental pest control if you suspect a hive is forming in your garden.

When You Have Suitcases or Beds that Have Been in Storage?

If you have had a suitcase, bed, or packaging in storage that you would like to bring into the house, you should first have it fumigated. Remember, prevention is always better than cure, so preemptively strike out at a possible bedbug attack by eradicating the bugs before they get into your home.

The number one cause of a bedbug infestation is bringing stored items into the home before fumigating them first. It is the best solution because the fumigation will be done in the storage area, away from pets and children where the air can clear before you move the items.

When Do You see Rat and Mice Droppings in Your Home?

Vermin are a nasty pest and are also carriers for numerous diseases. They chew through the electrical cords in your walls and can eat right past cardboard food containers. They are secret and silent; the only thing giving away the fact they live in your home are the droppings they leave behind.

Even if you find one or two droppings, the chances are there are more in cupboards and cabinets all over the house. If you have small children and pets, your best option is to call the pest control experts to deal with this problem.


It can be very satisfying when you see a spiderweb in your house that has caught a bunch of ants and mosquitoes. Unfortunately, spiders can also be extremely poisonous. They love to hide in counterpane folds and under sinks and bite when they are disturbed.

If you are having trouble identifying if the spider in your home is dangerous or not, call a pest expert to give their opinion.

Pest control is an integral part of home safety and house valuation. Don’t take a chance if you have pests and call a professional today.

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