Adorable Babies Reactions When Daddy Comes Home Videos Compilation

There is something so special about the relationship that dads have with their babies and I just loved this adorable babies reactions when daddy comes home videos compilation. It just shows how special daddy is doesn’t it?

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  1. Ag man these children expressions are tearful in a good way and such priceless moments captured

  2. Oh my word priceless its so freaken cute Lynne shame man i can imagine how many dad are out there working away from home and get this for coming back sure their heart melt. Awesome thx for sharing this.

  3. This is so adorable those kids really shows how they miss there father’s during the day

  4. Wow so adorable.seeing my son jumping as he see his papa wow this is really a great feeling

  5. This is cuteness personified 🙂 I love it!!! Takes me back to when I was on maternity leave, Daddy took 3 Weeks off and spent it at home with us! Which was wonderful!! When he returned to work, my little one became like this. She was a mild colic baby and she used to have her episodes late afternoon, where nothing i could do would calm her down. These would last between 45 minutes to an hour. My mother in law and i used to take turns if I couldn’t handle it and we tried EVERYTHING. Murphy’s law, we would always manage to calm her down about 15 minutes before her father came home. He would walk in and take her and it would be all smiles and loves. I used to sit there dumbfounded, as 15 minutes earlier she would be screaming her head off like someone was really hurting her 🙁 Months after that she used to get so excited that she would literally almost fall over from her sitting position due to excitement 🙂 From infancy her and her Daddy has this bond, and Mom – well mom incubated me LOL

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