What you need to know about throwing a baby shower

What You Need To Know About Throwing A Baby Shower

Throwing a baby shower can be a lot of work.  Here a few tips that I have found that will help and come in as real life savers.  Here are tips for before, during, and after the party to make every aspect run smoothly.

What You Need To Know About Throwing A Baby Shower

4 Things To Do Before The Party

  • Choose a Theme

The theme of the party sets the stage for everything else.  It is always a good idea to check with the soon to be mommy to see if she has a particular theme in mind. So, getting a themed locked down should be priority one.  Once a theme is set, that will dictate your decorations, games, and even the invitations for the party.

  • Order Baby Shower Invitations

The invite is the first thing most of your guest will see regarding the party. Sending your guests invitations four weeks before the event will give your guest enough time to make arrangements to attend.  The invite will also be introducing the guest to the theme and feel of the party.  For example, if you are doing a nautical theme it would be appropriate to send a nautical themed baby shower invitations, so your guests know what to expect.

  • Select Games

Party games help your guest mingle and make it easier for guests to get to know the different individuals that are there.  Many times baby showers involve friends and family that may not know each other so adding a few games to the part is a great ice breaker.

  • Create Menu

You will need to decide if you want to have a plated dinner or some simple Hors d’oeuvres.  Once you have decided you will be able to create a list of what will need to be bought the day of the party.

4 Things To Do At The Party

  • Introduce Guests

As was mentioned earlier, a baby shower will be combining different family groups as well as different friend groups.  The only individual that will know everyone will be the expectant mother.  So it is important to introduce the guests to help all of them feel comfortable right from the beginning.

  • Picture Taking Time

This is a one-time event for most ladies, so make sure you have a photographer there to capture the moment.  The photographer doesn’t need to be a professional per say but having someone dedicated to capturing the moments will be something that the guest of honor will always appreciate.

  • Meal/ Hors d’oeuvres

If you have hors d’oeuvres, make sure your guests can get to easily and that they are close to the action at the party.  This will ensure your guests can get to get something to snack on while not removing them from the party.  Moving the refreshments to another part of the house can create separate groups and can distract from the party.

  • Open Presents

There is always a debate on whether to open presents with everyone or to do it after the party.  This comes down to a personal decision. However, many time guests have traveled to be at the party and enjoy watching their gift being opened and seeing the soon to be mother’s reactions.

4 Things To Do After the Party

  • Favors

Everyone has a busy life, and it is important as the hostess of the party to thank the different guest for attending.   Have a small gift bag, or another small gift to thank those individuals for attending is always a nice gesture.

  • Clean Up

Clean up can be a cinch with a little planning.  Most guests are will to help with almost anything.  If you can make a few small assignments such as someone collecting the wrapping paper from presents and someone assigned to loading the gifts for the honoree you will have over half the mess cleaned up before a single person leave the party.

  • List of Gifts

If you want to go above and beyond for the honoree provide them with a list of gifts they received as well as who gave them each gift.  This will help them in two different ways.  First, when they are writing thank you cards, they will be able to say thanks for each particular gift.  Secondly, they will have a list of what they received so they can compare that to their list of items the need for the baby.  This way they will be able to know what they are missing before the baby arrives.

  • Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a must.  Fortunately, you are not the one that will be writing them however if you have thank you cards printed and just waiting for the honoree to simply fill out they will be eternally grateful.  Most stationery companies will be offer matching thank you cards for the invitation.  This is a very good idea as this way the thank you cards will match the invite perfectly.

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  1. Am definitely sharing this post with my sisters

  2. An i might do a baby shower for you@vhutshiloali1☺️☺️

  3. Save those tips @aasiya I am definitely looking for a nice surprise from you. This one is my last so I need all the gift I can get lols

  4. Those 4 things are important for someone like me that’s hope I can it shit its a big thing that everything is perfect I arranged my own baby shower so that I know my first baby shower is what I wanted and that its perfect. Also first thing I done was chosing my theme tatty teddy and then I got a venue and then food with decor all at the venue with the cupcakes. I had sort of a schedule how we ate open gifts and play games as fun arrange it and then we had a perfect day everything was happy and was happy it ran smooth and was nice to know it was going all as planned. Thank you for sharing Lynne.

  5. Elize Swanepoel

    These are great tips.

    This reminds me of my own baby shower. It was bitter sweet.

    I’ve been to many baby showers. And when it was time for my own baby shower, I was very excited to see all the ladies who’s baby showers I’ve been to and of course all my friends that I’ve known for years.

    I have to admit I was disappointed at the amount of ladies that attended. We were nine ladies (including myself). At least a few of the ladies RSVP and made an excuse, but the majority didn’t RSVP or bothered to attend. Some of them made excuses afterwards (after they saw my shower photo’s on Facebook) or told Renee on the day of my shower that they won’t be able to attend.

    Another acquaintance told me a few days before the shower that she couldn’t attend anymore, but she was supposed to let Renee know, because it was a surprise. So, basically she gave the date away and I knew that my shower was that weekend.

    I know I shouldn’t take it to heart, but I did. I found it very rude and it also made me reconsider those friendships.

    Not even my sister in law from Nelspruit attended.

    But in the same breath I would like to mention that the ladies that did attend was incredibly generous and gave me so much. Three of my dear friends couldn’t attend due to legitimate circumstances, but did send me gifts which was very well received and appreciated.

    Anyway, back to the topic at hand, you mentioned all the important things to remember when planning a baby shower.

    With every baby shower that I attended, the presents were opened while we were there. I loved it. We could all admire those cute little outfits and oooh and aaah at the super cute one’s. 🙂

    One baby shower was at a tea garden. The snacks were provided but we were responsible for our bill for the drinks.

    At all the other showers, everyone brought along a small plate of sweet or savoury snacks and our own drinks.

  6. Thank you will definitely share with my friends

  7. thank you for your time and effort of writing this! Im sure expectant mothers will find this very handy

  8. This is wonderful and if ever I am to plan a baby shower I will definitely use some of these tips.

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