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What To Pack In Your Hospital Bags Before Giving Birth

Babies are hardly ever on time, that’s why it is advisable to pack your hospital bags in advance for when the time comes. You don’t want to scramble around at the last minute to get everything together and end up having your baby at home instead of the hospital. It is recommended that you have your bag packed and ready when you’re at about 36 weeks along.

What To Pack In Your Hospital Bags Before Giving Birth

What you need to pack in baby’s bag:

  • Nappies for newborns
  • Bum cream
  • Baby wipes
  • Baby blanket or two
  • Baby face cloths x 2
  • Newborn sized soother
  • Newborn onesies x 2
  • Newborn pyjamas if it’s winter
  • Baby socks x 2 pairs
  • Baby oil (especially great for cleaning baby’s bum after meconium nappies)
  • Going home outfit
  • Baby beanies x 2
  • Formula, bottles and sterilizing equipment if you’re planning to bottle feed

Helpful tips:

Organize clothing and items in plastic bags in baby’s hospital bag. This way you’ll know where every is plus it can protect clothing and nappies in case of liquids spilling.

If you have pets at home, take a spare blanket to the hospital and transfer you baby’s scent onto it so that your pets can start adapting to your new addition.

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What you need to pack in your bag:

  • Comfortable old underwear or disposable underwear
  • A nursing bra
  • Nursing pads
  • Maternity sanitary pads
  • Arnica tablets or oil for bruising after birth
  • Warm socks
  • An old T-shirt or night dress for giving birth
  • Button down pyjamas or night dress for breastfeeding and providing easy access
  • A hot water bottle
  • A book for reading
  • Toiletry bag with toiletries
  • Healthy snacks and drinks
  • Comfortable backless slip-on slippers which are easily taken off or put on
  • Dressing gown for moving around in hospital
  • Lip balm (one’s lips tend to get very dry)
  • A going-home outfit

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