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What Should You Wear on the First Day of School? Here Are Some Useful Tips

The first day of school is what most students and parents look forward to, and it is usually what gets everyone giddy. I remember how I used to get so excited preparing for the first day of school.

I would usually make a list of the school supplies – from papers and notebooks to pens and coloring materials – and I would think hard and long how to put my name on them in the most creative way. Now that I am a parent, I feel the same excitement when I was still a student.

However, there is one important factor that parents and kids should consider to guarantee the success of the first day of school – the clothes to wear. So, what should you wear on the first day of school? Here are some valuable tips to help you decide.

What should you wear the first day of school

  1. Familiarize yourself with the school’s dress code.

Before deciding what to wear on the first day of school, familiarize yourself with the school’s dress code first. Schools vary regarding dress code. While there are schools that implement standard uniforms for their students, your school might have a different set of rules and guidelines on what students are expected to wear.

Whether your child is in high school or preschool, inquire the school about what students may wear on the first day of class. You surely would not want to purchase clothes that do not fit the requirements of the school.

In general, schools allow students to wear casual clothes during the opening of classes. Shirts with collars and pants or slacks are standard and specified. At times, some schools may dictate the colors of clothes, so be sure you are following the guidelines. You can find information on dress codes on the school’s website, or you may ask anyone from the school’s office to provide some guidelines.

  1. Choose the clothes that fit your child perfectly.

When deciding what clothes to let your child wear on the first day of school, pay attention to the clothes’ fitting. You might say that this is an obvious thing to do – the reality is, choosing the clothes that fit your child perfectly is often one of the most disregarded aspects.

Remember, the first day of the opening of classes is incredibly stressful. That’s because you will need to find your child’s classroom and locate the area where your child will have a lunch break.

Hence, it would be a complete distraction if your child would constantly pull his pants or shirt up because it is too loose. Moreover, never allow your child (especially teenagers), to wear too revealing or overly baggy clothes. It is more important to wear well-ordered clothes and look clean than wear clothes that your child is not comfortable with.

Before the beginning of the first day of school, let your children try on the clothes and ensure they fit properly and are comfortable to wear. Make sure that they all fit perfectly. Surely, you would not want your child to get embarrassed on the start of the school year after tripping on his long pants.

Wear comfortable shoes to school

  1. Put those comfortable shoes on.

When it comes to shoes, some schools have specific guidelines on what to wear. While some schools are flexible in their rules, other educational institutions prohibit the students from wearing open sandals or slip-on, open-toed shoes, hiking boots, sneakers, and flip flops. Thus, checking with the school regarding the dress code is extremely important.

After following the guidelines, ensure that the shoes your child is wearing are comfortable to wear. This is essential if your child is attending a private school or boarding school with a huge campus. Walking long distances in between classes may hurt the feet and can impact your child’s ability to be at the next location on time. Moreover, when your child starts to feel the pain on his/her feet, this can set him/her up in a bad mood.

  1. Consider putting on layers of clothes.

Most private schools require their students to wear blazers. So, even if the school does not have a dress code, try putting on several layers of clothing on your child and instruct him/her to take something off if it gets too warm.

Pack him/her a cardigan, a light jacket, or a vest, as some classrooms have air conditioning on and at times, it can get chilly. On the other hand, if your child feels that the campus is incredibly warm, teach him/her to consider wearing lightweight clothes as soon as he/she gets settled.

Wear layers to school

  1. Avoid over accessorizing your child with jewelry and other accessories.

It is a common thing among preschoolers to wear their favorite costumes or put on accessories that represent the superheroes they adore. For teens, they often go for large dangling earrings or clinking bracelets.

These kinds of accessories and jewelry can create distractions. Rather than focusing on the teacher or the classroom task, your child’s attention will most likely be called consistently because he or she will play with bejeweled items during class. No matter what your child’s age is, always go for the classic accessories and simple jewelry.

  1. Perfumes and colognes are great but avoid the heavily scented ones.

Most teens become more conscious of their hygiene as they continue to grow. While it is great to smell good all the time, avoiding extra doses of colognes or perfumes is a must. Try giving your high schoolers a light scented perfume or cologne. Strong scented colognes or perfumes can serve as a distraction and can, in fact, trigger a headache.

Here’s a video that shares more ideas on what to wear on the first day of school.



On the first day of school, always do your best to turn the day into something memorable for your child. Make the opening of the school year a day to remember by ensuring your child’s comfort. Making it a priority to consider what your child should wear on the first day of school is exceedingly crucial. How about you? What do you let your child wear on the first day of school?

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