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What Should You Know Before Opting For Laser Hair Removal Method?

The laser hair removal method is an effective way to say goodbye to the unsightly body hair, which makes it the best choice when compared to waxing, trimming or shaving. It is performed by using lasers for generating energy as heat that gets absorbed by the pigments present in the hair follicles and then gets destroyed gently. It is not a painful procedure, as it just causes a warm sensation and a tingly feel, which subsides after a few minutes of the procedure. However, make sure that you choose the laser hair removal services offered by a reputed center to have the best experience with much less pain and within your budget to flaunt a hair free smooth skin.

What Should You Know Before Opting For Laser Hair Removal Method


How To Prepare Before A Laser Hair Removal Method?

As soon as you have fixed an appointment for the laser hair removal method with a well known Philadelphia laser removal facility, you will have to be prepared to make the most out of your procedure.

1.) Avoid Following Your Skin Care Routine

Make sure that you avoid your regular skin care regime and keep those sunscreen lotions, face creams, makeup items, scrubs, bleach, depilatory creams, and body butters a few days before the treatment. It is important to refrain from using all types of skin care product, as it might interfere with the laser and lead to discoloration. If you wish to have clean skin without even a trace of discoloration, then remain makeup free for a few days.

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2.) Save A Couple Of Days Earlier

Avoid waxing, tweezing and plucking a few days before your appointment for laser hair removal method, as these methods would pull out the hairs with its roots, which is not advisable for the procedure. Shave the area you wish to use a laser to remove hair a couple of days before your appointment, as the long hair on the skin might absorb and distract the laser beam in the wrong areas. Make sure there are no cuts on the skin owing to shaving and if the area of hair removal has any injury or broken skin. Also, avoid threading or bleaching your skin a few weeks before the laser hair removal treatment to get the best output.

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3.) Avoid Sun

If you have a mobile job, then make sure that you stay away from the tanning beds for 8 weeks before the laser hair removal treatment. Also, avoid the sun or keep your targeted skin area fully covered while stepping out in the sun. If you have used tanning products like sprays or lotions, then make sure that you wait until the skin gets back its natural color.

4.) Medications

If you have any medical issues and taking medicines or ointments to get it cured, make sure to discuss it with your laser specialist to know whether you can continue taking it. If the laser technician wants you to avoid a few medications or topical cream, then follow it to achieve better results.

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