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What Parents Need To Know Legally When Separating With Children

If you are considering divorce or legal separation, you must also take into consideration your children’s welfare. In fact, your primary concern should be your children because whatever decisions you make, it’s your children that’s going to be mostly affected along the way.

Divorce and legal separation are tough for children, as they tend to experience a lot of mixed emotions that they don’t know how to deal with.

Here’s are some legal options you can consider for your children when you and your spouse are considering divorce or legal separation.

What Parents Need To Know Legally When Separating With Children

Types of Custody That Are Good For Your Children

Separation is indeed a very tough time for a family. If you are pursuing separation or divorce, it’s your children that are going to be affected the most. Children need continuing love, care, and support from both their parents.

This is why parents considering divorce or separation are generally looking to secure custody and visitation rights of their children. Custody is important in deciding who gets access to their children and parenting time.

Depending on the circumstances of your separation, you may be granted with one of the following types of custody.

  • Joint Custody. You and your former spouse can be granted joint custody of your children, and both of you will share the parental responsibility like caring and making decisions for the welfare of the children.
  • Sole Custody. To be granted sole custody, you have to prove that you can provide everything they need. Since your children will be living with you, it is your responsibility to provide everything they need.
  • Shared Custody. Shared custody requires both ex-spouses to spend a predetermined amount of time to attend to their children.
  • Split Custody. Split custody means that you’ll be splitting your children with your former spouse. For instance, if you have four children, two of them will be under your care, while the other two will be with your former spouse’s supervision.

Essential Parenting Arrangements When Separating

As a parent, you should always put the best interests of your children in your heart. Even if you are having a tough time dealing with your divorce, you should still think about the physical, mental, emotional, and psychological welfare of your children. Remember that they are the ones that are suffering the most during these tough times.

So as a parent, it’s your responsibility to talk to them and let them understand why your family has to go through this situation. Here are some other essential arrangements you need to consider during separation.

  1. Establish a parenting schedule and be transparent with the living arrangements.

One of the essential things to do when you and your spouse separate is to establish living arrangements and parenting schedule for the children.

  • This should give both parents access and share quality time together with their children.
  • If you are the other parent, these parenting arrangements will also help ensure that you get to participate in your children’s life.
  1. Make arrangements for your children’s healthcare and education.

Both parents should also make arrangements for their children’s healthcare and education before separating. Both parents should decide about who will take care of the medical expenses of their children should they get sick or who will be supervising them with their education.

  1. Communication arrangements.

It’s important to maintain regular communication with your children even if you and your spouse are legally separated. Communication between parents and children is essential, especially after separation, to make sure that sure that your relationship with them is still strong. 

  1. Make arrangements on how to solve problems regarding the growth and development of your children.

Both parents should always guide their children throughout their lives even if they are legally separated. It is your responsibility as a parent to continue loving, caring, guiding, and supporting your children throughout their lives. So be sure to make arrangements on how to solve problems that may arise during the growth and development of your children.

As a parent, it’s important to think about the welfare of your children especially if you are going through a divorce. You need to think of what your children need from you.

  • Be sure to continue showing your love and support to your children after separation.
  • Sit down and listen to what your children have to say about the situation.
  • Let your children know what the reason for the separation is and make them understand that they are not to blame for what happened to the family.
  • As parents, never show yourselves fighting each other in front of your children.
  • Get in touch with your children’s teachers at school and let them know about your separation.
  • Always maintain a harmonious relationship with your former spouse after separation.

If you are seeking legal separation or divorce against your spouse, you should always ask legal advice regarding your children’s welfare. You should always think about your children’s well-being, and maintain a harmonious relationship with your former spouse for the benefit of your children. We hope you found this article from informative.

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only and should be intended as legal advice. You may want to talk to a divorce attorney to know what legal arrangements you can make with your former spouse for the benefit of your children.

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