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What Is Tree Lopping? – A Short Insight Into Tree Lopping

Tree Lopping refers to the cutting of larger portions of the trees which is acceptable only if done to prevent the trees from falling or interfering with the nearby buildings or power lines. There are certain acts that prevent unnecessary tree lopping. Before doing a tree lopping it is advisable to ensure that it is not harmful to the tree health and the act of tree lopping should fall below the acceptable standards of the government.

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Lopping

Frequent Lopping: The tree lopping should not be carried out frequently because the trees will become unhealthy due to excessive lopping. It has to be lopped only when it is posing a serious threat to the nearby surroundings.

Expert Tree Surgeons: There are tree surgeons available for tree lopping Perth services who will analyze the nature of the trees and the need for lopping. It is not advisable to engage inexperienced people into tree lopping as it may cause damage to the trees considerably. It is always advisable to consider experts in this area.

Undue Stress: Improper tree lopping can cause enormous stress to the tree. The wounds on the trees if left open may cause various unhealthy conditions for the trees because the pests and fungi may enter into it. While doing tree lopping one must ensure to lop only the branches that are not essential growth points for the trees. This will reduce the stress on the trees, making it grow in a healthier way. Necessary care should be taken while lopping the leaves which are very essential for the process of nutrients and photosynthesis using sunlight.

Improving Overall Health: Tree lopping will not be dangerous always for a tree as it can sometimes improve the health of the tree in a long-term effect. When some parts of the tree which are unstable due to a disease, root damage, infection are identified and lopped, it can save the other parts of the tree from severe damage thereby improving the overall health of the trees.

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Professional Arborist: A professional arborist is recommended to analyze the portions of the trees that are severely damaged before doing a tree lopping. They will analyze the tree as a whole and will decide if the lopping is beneficial to the tree. If they feel that the loping might pose a serious threat to the tree’s health, they will suggest alternate ways for the improvement of the trees such as trimming, pruning etc.

Tree lopping is recommended only when there is a specific need for it. Frequent tree lopping is not a good option for the overall health of the trees. Tree lopping has to be done only when it poses a serious threat to the nearby buildings, people or when it affects the power lines. Trees are important for the balance of nature and tree lopping should not become a threat to this balance.

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