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What Is Early Childhood Care and Education?

School is a necessity and usually a legal requirement. However it is only compulsory for your child to start pre-primary in the year they turn 5; providing this is before the 30th June.

Unfortunately if you wait until this age to send your child to school you may find that they’ve already missed out. In fact several studies have been conducted which confirm that children who receive early education are better equipped to become successful in life. There are a variety of reasons why this is the case.

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What Is Early Childhood Care and Education

What Is Early Childhood Care & Education?

The definition of early childhood is the period between birth and 8 years of age. This is the age when your child is most capable of absorbing information. In fact their brain acts like a sponge; literally soaking up the world round them.

But, you can take this one step further; research suggests that the most critical age for the absorption of knowledge is actually between birth and 5 years old. Unfortunately in most cases children remain at home during this period potentially missing out on opportunities to learn and develop.

Early childhood care is more than just someone looking after your child while you’re at work; it is the formal and informal education both emotionally and intellectually. The person or business that you leave your child with during this period will have a huge impact on their life and their ability to deal with emotional and physical situations as they grow.

It is understandable that many new parents will be reluctant to pass over their young child to a comparative stranger. However, as the benefits below will show; it is in your child’s best interests.

Just remember to choose an early childhood care & education provider which has appropriate certification.  Your child is likely to become attached to their new teacher and their teaching methods will have a huge impact on their future life.

The focus of any early childhood education should be on play. This is the way that children naturally learn. In this process they can learn the necessary skills needed for life; without even having to try.

For example, helping to make the snacks for the class can give them math practice.

Therein lies the key to a high quality early education; play with a structure that the child may not perceive; this will ensure the child remains interested while developing all the skills they need for life.

It is important to note that early childhood care and education is more than just hiring someone to care for your child. You need to use someone who is professionally qualified in this field; this will ensure your child receives the benefits listed below.

The Benefits

There are several benefits associated with getting your child into early childhood care and education:

Your Own Time

You may need to go to work to earn money for your family. In this case the early childhood care provider will ensure your child is in a safe environment. You can go to work and even enjoy your own time confident that your child is in the very best hands.

You mustn’t underestimate the importance of this; in order to provide the best possible environment to your child at home you need to have some time that is your own. Being a parent doesn’t stop you being an adult with needs of your own.

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Social Skills

Children who participate in early education quickly learn to share with others and make connections to them. This is vital for later in life. Developing good social skills will allow you to listen to others, make friends, co-operate and perhaps most importantly you’ll be able to share your own views and opinions.

The early childhood education facilities will also help children to understand accountability; this is another extremely important life skill.

Better Learning

It has been shown that children who attend early childhood education are better attention spans. This may be because they are already used to the learning process but the benefit is very real. An improved attention span will ensure they are able to make the most of any opportunity they have and will help them to work with others.

You could even say that children who have received an early education will be better lifelong learners. Their confidence and curiosity will have evolved from an early age encouraging them to keep learning.

This will also be reflected in their grades; which will generally be better than their counterparts.


Studies have shown that children who have received early car and education are much better behaved than those who haven’t. They are more likely to graduate from school and less likely to have behavioral issues.

This doesn’t just apply to a child’s ability to control themselves physically. An important aspect of early childhood education is that it encourages emotional maturity. Your child will understand their emotions and learn how to deal with them.

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Future Success

One long term study has shown that children who received early childhood education are more likely to be continuously employed throughout life. This is generally seen as a testimony to the fact that early education gives children the confidence and drive they need to succeed in life; no matter what their dreams are.

The great thing about using early childhood education facilities is that your tie with your child can be fun; allowing you to create a bond while giving them the very best opportunities as they start in life. This time to play is an essential way of reinforcing the work that the early childhood care and education facility are doing; while strengthening your bond with your child.

There really is no better way you can start your child in life or a better gift than to give them an early childhood care and education. They may never thank you for it but they will be the better for it.

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