What Are The Benefits Of Joining A Good Wine Club?

Wine Clubs are formed to provide the best wine to customers on a monthly or weekly basis. They are great for beginners. The clubs usually function with a theme like red wine, white wine or the mixture of the two. The clubs are often started by vineyards or specialty shops. However, it essential to choose the best wine clubs. Here is a guide on the benefits to look for before joining a wine club.

Why Should One Join A Wine Club?

The 3 best benefits of joining a wine club are as follows

  • The club replenishes the wine supply of individual’s choice regularly
  • The supply comes in without any hassles
  • A Wine club updates the customer knowledge on the new wines in the market. It sends interesting wines that the buyer couldn’t buy himself.
  • Also, the wine club provides access to small wineries who cannot afford licenses. They at times turn out to be the best wine clubs for the money.

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Wine Clubs To Avoid

  • The wine clubs that demand long term commitments.
  • The clubs that are not transparent. For instance, some wine clubs hide shipping costs.
  • The clubs that have a partnership with a specific brand. They are devoid of options and never bring in the top sellers of the market, rather stick to their partner brands
  • The clubs that provide discounts based on full retail pricing should be avoided.


White Label Wines

  • If the buyer is on a tight budget, white label wines are highly recommended
  • How does a white label wine work?
    • The club purchases lots of pre-made wines for cheap
    • It then hires a person to create the label
    • The wine is then sold at a higher rate to the members
    • As they are from a specific vineyard, they cannot be found outside
    • Such wines are comparatively cheaper and at times are the best

Exclusivity And Scarcity

  • The problem of favorite wine being sold out especially on a special occasion can be avoided
  • The club always refills the demand of the customer regularly on a periodic basis. By this, the special occasions become complete.

Special Offers

  • Some clubs provide the best shots to their best customers first.
  • Some provide free wine tastings and discounts
  • The clubs provide places where the members can meet, hang out, have food.

Benefits Of Joining A Wine Club

  • The clubs deliver special wines even before it reaches the public
  • They ship special wines like exclusive releases or reserved wines. These are not available anywhere else.
  • The club members can buy wines at discounted prices
  • When a person is fond of wine from a specific winery, joining a club is the best way to taste their latest releases

How To Select The Best Wine Club?

  • Majority of the wines will be of the buyer’s taste
  • Search for a good discount
  • Check on the delivery system
  • Enquire about the membership cancellation procedure as many wine clubs keep delivering even after sending emails or messages on quitting membership.

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