Week 10 My Weight Loss Journey – It’s Now About The Weight

I have had such an interesting week that I couldn’t possibly fit it all into a blog post for you today.

If I look at my weight loss challenge like I have been since I started I have failed this last week in a very big way, however I feel great. I feel happy, positive and confident.

I feel good in my body.

Yes I do, now for this reason I feel I am right on track. A few things have happened in this past week and it has completely changed the way I see things and the way I am feeling about myself.

A few weight loss bloggers have connected with me on Youtube and given me some valuable feedback and some things to think about.

The first bit of advice was to stop exercising and to start training. Meaning I mustn’t focus on the amount of time I exercise but rather what I can fit into that time, how I can be better every day.

The second awesome piece of advice I was given was to be kind to myself and not beat myself up.

Something else that made a massive impact on me this week is having a crystal healing session with a friend of mine. I had such an emotional response to that session that I surprised myself (and probably her too!). The fact is that I have been in a bit of a rut with a few things in my life, going around and around in circles.

It is almost like that crystal healing cleared the way for new things to come into my life and helped me move past those ruts that were holding me back.

Overall I am feeling happier and so much more at peace. It has been an incredible change in mindset for me, so much so that I have not set any goals or even thought about what to do this next week other than just enjoy this space and decide where to from now.

I will catch up with you all next week!

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