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Ultimate 10 Week Home Workout Plans To Lose Weight

Starting on a new weight loss exercise program? Well, good for you – a journey well begun and it is going to transform you for good. You don’t have to burn a large hole in your pocket (paying gym subscriptions) to stay fit, you can start your fitness journey right at home. All you have to do is stay consistent and stay focused. With benefits ranging from strength, respiratory and flexibility workouts help you to get back in shape in real quick time.

The beauty of a home weight loss workout plan is including the best of different kinds of fitness regimes. Since it incorporates the physical laws applied like the daily body movements, it boosts your health and well-being. Here are the effective weight loss exercises at home.

Ultimate 10 Week Home Workout Plans To Lose Weight

Top Exercises to do at Home – Slim Down in 10 Weeks

Exercise you must but do not ignore your diet, a balanced wholesome diet will complement your exercise routine and bring you closer to your fitness goals.

#Exercise No 1 – Burpee

If you haven’t tried the burpee yet, you haven’t tried anything. It works on your cardiovascular system and increases the lactate tolerance at home.

If you are short on time and want a quick session where you want a full body workout, the burpee is exactly what you need and what you should do.

Do it right

It is indeed a complex movement constructed into 4 different parts.

Begin the exercise standing, keep your legs apart and arms resting out close to the body.

Drop to the ground lightly with your face down; cushion your fall with your hands till the body is as close to the ground as possible.

Keep your hands down and jump the feet forward with your hands overhead.

Stand up again and with a clap behind.

#Exercise No 2 – The Squat

There cannot be a better exercise for your legs than squats.  Another great thing about it is you can do it in a number of ways.  Strengthening your legs will not only help you to do your exercises better but also it will help perform your daily tasks with greater ease.

This exercise is particularly helpful for people who spend the better part of the day sitting. This will help improve your overall posture and reduce the stiffness around your shoulders and neck area.

Squats are said to damage your knees, there are so many people who harbor this misconception, squats can only affect your knees if you do not do it right and if you do them right, then what can we say, they are your leg’s BFF.

Do it right

Focus on your posture, start with a standing position keeping your legs shoulder-width apart, your back should be straight, and knees should be positioned over your feet.

Now, bend the hips and knees to about 90-degree angle and ensure that you do not let the knees go past the line of your feet on the floor. If you are wondering what to do with your arms just stretch them ahead at shoulder height.

Stand up to your original position.

#Exercise No 4 – The Side Lunge

Lunges are the only other exercise, besides squats of course that focuses on your legs and gives it an effective workout. But the workout reaches another dimension when you add a reach to it. Side lunges also impact your buttocks as you lean on one side. They also strengthen the back extensors as you try hard to keep your chest straight. They also increase hip mobility as you separate the legs while doing the lunge.

Do it Right

Lean to one side with one of your knees bent and the other leg stretched to the other side, keep your hands clasped before you.  Ensure your chest is kept high and the weight is on the heels rather than the toes.  Repeat on the other side. Once you get yourself used to the movement you can lean more and more towards the floor for increasing your hip mobility.

#Exercise No 5-Squat with a Medicine Ball

Your everyday movements like lifting grocery from the floor or even your kids need the strength of your legs and back. This exercise is what you need to strengthen your legs, glutes, lower back, arms, and shoulders and this home workout for weight loss is perfect to add to your 10-week workout plan.

Do it Right

Stand straight with your feet wide apart; hold a light medicine ball right before you with the help of both your hands.

Squat low, moving your rear back and stationing your knees over your ankles, and then deftly lower the medicine ball to the floor, don’t slouch ensure your head and back are aligned straight.

Return back to the position you started from and lift the medicine ball right over your head. Repeat the squat, and bring the ball to the ground. Do three sets of 10 repetitions. You can increase the weight of the ball as you continue to build your strength.

Man and Women doing pull ups

#Exercise no 6 – The pull-ups

When you do pull ups you oppose and balance the opposite movement-pushing and needless to say they play an important role in functional training.

You can train your back muscles, arms, and core with pull-ups.  Of course, you can do pull-ups at the gym but a pull-up bar in a doorway works just as fine or a monkey-bar in a park, anywhere, your goal is to work on your muscles.

While doing a pull-up, keep in mind that you have to keep your shoulders engaged. This you can do keeping them contracted back and down. This minimizes your risk of injury considerably and makes your pull-ups easier and more effective.

The pull-up is not an easy movement to pull off.  So, begin slowly and gradually once you gain substantial strength you will be able to the exercises with ease. Make all your movements slow and deliberate so as not to injure yourself.

Do it Right

Sit under the bar and hold it in an iron grip with your palms facing out.

Straighten your posture and lift about 50 percent of your body weight does ensure that you keep your feet is firmly planted on the ground and your knees slightly bent.  Try to lift in a way that your chin is over the bar.

Slowly reprise your starting position.


Get started with your weight loss exercise plan. You will be surprised to see the great impact it has on your everyday movements and your overall health and fitness. So, build the total body power with a home workout for weight loss and increase your efficiency in your daily life, stay fit and healthy.


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