Week 9 My Weight Loss Journey

Thankfully this last week went better than the week before. Although in all honesty it would have been hard to have a worse week.

I managed to pick myself up after feeling so physically ill and being so demotivated. I’ve started running in the mornings and I am really enjoying it!

I ran 3 times in  last week and I did one 32 minute home cardio workout. I have also done well on getting back on track with maintaining all my previous goals. I’ve been eating properly, drinking water and drinking green tea.

I can see more and more as I go along with this challenge how it is very much a mental challenge, especially when things start to slide. It is so easy to say to myself, ok I will get back on track… tomorrow. It is not so easy to say that I am going to do it right now. I’ve managed to get myself back on track this time, but I honestly think that is due to all the people that showed me such awesome support last week.

It was amazing to have cheerleaders telling me that I can do it, that I can pull myself together after taking steps back. I really appreciate that, it made such a difference having your support!

Now for this next week…. here are my 3 goals:

  1. I have downloaded the Google Fit App so I can keep track of all my exercise, it is really cool because it measures my steps taken, the distance I have run, my speed and it tracks my weight too. I am going to monitor all my exercise on this app.
  2. This week I am going to go running 5 times and I will do 5 x 32 min home cardio workouts too.
  3. Cut down on my Hug In A Mug consumption (cappuccino sachets). Oh they are divine but I am having too many and they are expensive plus I am sure they are not very good for you. I am going to have maximum 1 per day.

I hope that you have also had a good week – share your progress in the comments! And I will catch up with you again next week Wednesday.


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  1. Well done Lynne!!!! Your commitment and dedication is truly inspiring 🙂

    • Yeah well remember I committed to showing a pic of myself in a bikini in January? I can tell you that is great motivation to get your ass running! And I’m nowhere close to being comfortable in a bikini @tamara737 so I had better pick up the pace LOL

  2. There’s still time!! I have no doubt 🙂
    I forgot about the bikini post 😛

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