Week 4 My Weight Loss Journey

Week 4 – My Weight Loss Journey

This has to be hands down the best week of my weight loss journey so far. Yes I lost some weight before this but I couldn’t feel it or see it. This week I have started being able to feel it and see it which is very exciting and has given me new motivation to continue and try harder.

My body feels not only smaller, but also firmer which is certainly something that I was wanting to achieve.

My weight this week is 76.5kg, which is a loss of 800g in the last week and a total of 1.3kg since I started 4 weeks ago. My tummy measurement is 103cm, which is a loss of 1cm in the last week and a total of 3cm since I started.

I met all my goals again for last the week as well as maintained all the healthy habits I have been working on the previous weeks.

Something interesting that has also changed this week is that when I get hungry now I want to eat healthy things, it’s almost like because I have been eating really well my body is loving it and wants more. I have always been quite a healthy eater but I also love eating carbs and chocolates. I have started wanting to eat healthier options instead of having to consciously telling myself to choose something healthier.

This is a huge milestone for sure. Don’t get me wrong I am still going to eat some chocolate every now and then but it is going to be so much easier to stick to a healthy meal plan when my head and my body is telling me to eat a salad.

My new goals for this coming week are:

  1. To be mindful of my portion sizes, in particular at supper time. I don’t mean that I will be starving myself here, simply that I am going to focus on eating only what I need and not over eating.
  2. Start eating a piece of fruit at 3pm every day.
  3. Change my exercise from 4 x 30 minutes every week to be 2 x 30 minutes and 2 x 37 minutes.

I have been doing the same 32 minute home cardio workout every time during this weight loss journey and I feel that I now need to up my game!

Here are the two workouts that I will be doing this week.

If you have been joining in from home, then please let us know how you are doing and whether you have managed to lose any weight!

I will catch up with you next week Wednesday to update you on my progress. Don’t miss the next one, I have a feeling that things are going to really start progressing well from now on.

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  1. Congratulations @lynne you’re doing great, am so worrying about my weight I went from 78kg to 104kg with this pregnancy I hope once I deliver it will be able to manage it.

  2. Congratulations Lynne 🙂 You’re truly inspiring!!
    Tomorrow I will complete my first week of healthy eating, i have been following the Weight Watchers program. Doesn’t sound like much, I know, but its been more than I have been able to do this entire year. With the meditation i believe being a HUGE factor in me keeping motivated. My next goal is to start to include a bit of exercise (which for me is the worst lol) but I’m sure I’ll get there.
    Thank you once again for sharing your experiences.

    • I am so glad @tamara737 🙂 My week was not so great – I think being out of routine with the school holidays put a spanner in the works… but hey school has started again, it is about just getting on with it now.

      • I agree Lynne, we cannot be flawless all the time 😛
        The main thing is to get back on the wagon – which for me is the most difficult part once I’ve fallen off haha

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