Week 12 My Weight Loss Journey

Better late than never right? Yes I missed my weekly update last week and I am so sorry. Like just got a little bit too crazy and I had way too much on my plate to get my video done or to get a post out!

This week is looking just as crazy with my son’s birthday party tomorrow. He is a December baby so I have to throw a party for him and his friends nearly 3 weeks before his actual birthday otherwise all his friends will be away!

I’ve also been organizing my daughter’s prescribed books, school uniform and stationery for starting Grade 1 -and while it doesn’t sound like much add in a Grade R graduation event, plus an orientation for her new school…. well it has been seriously busy the last few weeks.

Just getting my daughter’s stationery list has proved to be a pain all on its own! I mean where exactly in the West Coast do you find that Adel Kids 13cm scissors with ruler and why does the scissors need a ruler on it anyway? The last item on the list I need to get! Any ideas are welcome.

So now back to my weight loss update? Well I have been busy running about the last few weeks and I feel like a headless chicken. My weight loss mission has just taken a back seat to all the things I have had to organize.

One thing is clear and that is that as the year draws to a close and everything gets frantic it is not so easy to maintain my schedule with exercise at all.

I will catch up with you all next week and hopefully I will be on track again! Have a great week.

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