Five Tips for Editing Cinematic Wedding Highlight Videos

Recording wedding video

A wedding is a special event and everyone wants to preserve their memories for a lifetime. Shooting a cinematic wedding highlights video is the best option to preserve memories. It can be a challenge to create cinematic wedding highlights videos if you don’t know much about video editing. But it’s …

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Planning A Wedding With Small Children

More To Consider Today’s marriage atmosphere involves many couples who come to the matrimonial table from previous marriages. There are sometimes a lot of children in the mix, and that can get complicated. Children have a lot of energy, they don’t understand much of life, they’re interested in playing, they’re …

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3 Gorgeous Matching Silicone Wedding Bands

Getting married

More couples opt for matching silicone wedding bands due to the advantages associated with them. In this article we tell you a bit more about them and why you should consider getting them. The advantages of matching silicone wedding bands: ***Disclosure -The links in this post may contain affiliate links and Kaboutjie may …

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Tips To Make Your Outdoor Wedding Perfect

beach wedding

Indoor weddings are beautiful, but an outdoor wedding takes it to a whole new level. An outdoor wedding is far different from a charming church wedding in terms of vibes and atmosphere. The matrimonial ceremony is held outside, in the midst of nature. Out are the days where there are …

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8 Tips to Create the Best Wedding Registry

Wedding Registrar Book

You are getting married soon and can’t hold back the excitement. Your friends and family can hardly wait for the day you will walk down the aisle. Preparing for a wedding is a thrilling process, and one of the most fun aspects of getting married is starting your registry. You …

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Helpful Guide To Find The Perfect Wedding Videographer


When compared to photographs, wedding videos try to capture the essence and spirit of your big day in vibrant shades, which is why it is important to hire the services of the best wedding videographer. With the huge advancement in the field of digital technology, gone are those days that …

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6 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Rings

Wedding Rings Bands

There is so much focus and attention put onto the woman’s engagement ring but the wedding rings for the bride and groom are equally important, if not even more. Your wedding rings are intended to be worn for life – this makes your choice of wedding rings a huge decision …

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