We Got Adopted By A Tortoise!

A few weeks ago a tortoise first started hanging around our home outside and then he started coming right inside. I felt sorry for him in this heat and started feeding him and giving him water.

At first he would come inside, get some food and water, then just go to sleep in the kitchen. In the morning I would let him out when I took my kids to school but by the afternoon he would be back and it would be the same cycle.

He pushes himself against the security gate trying to get in which makes a racket so I know he is there and wants to come in.

Then a few days ago he did something different – when he came in he headed straight for me and walked on my foot. When he drank his water he gave a little squawk and then when he was finished eating and drinking he lifted his head up and marched all over the house, exploring everywhere.

When he was done checking everything he went back to the security gate and pushed against it. I opened it and off he trotted.

He now comes back every day for a visit and some refreshments, sometimes he sleeps inside and other times he doesn’t stay the night. So we have been adopted by a tortoise and my kids have named him Frankie.

I can only assume that the change in his behavior is that he was so weak from lack of water he could only manage to fall asleep after having his food and water.

It makes me so sad to know that the wild animals are struggling so much in this drought. Spare a thought for these animals and if you get teh chance give them something to drink.

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  1. OMW @lynne!! He/She is so cute!! My daughter would be so jealous! For weeks now she’s been telling me she would like a tortoise, so random haha
    I was curious so I googled lol

    I hope this helps 🙂

    • Awesome thanks @tamara737 that is quite interesting. That says that usually the female is bigger except in some species, this tortoise is an Angulate Tortoise and I checked online – the males are usually larger for Angulate tortoises… I will have to check the rest when next I see “him”.

  2. @lynne, let me know – I’m quite curious now 🙂

  3. Beautiful story my husband worked for a tanker trucking company and one of the drivers brought a tortoise back from his trip left it in the truck another driver was scared and informed my husband he took it to the office have him water and some food and still no one claimed him he called me and asked if he could bring it home Danni as the kids named him was and interesting pet but he escaped from our home and was found by neighbours and returned unfortunately he escaped again and sadly was taken away

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