Pregnancy Yoga – Episode 1

Yoga is a great way to keep fit, strong and healthy, especially when you are pregnant. It is important to ensure that if you are doing yoga when pregnant that you are doing yoga aimed specifically for pregnant women. Doing yoga while pregnant has so many benefits and can help you to have an easier labor and birth.

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  1. Am feeling tired all the time perhaps doing yoga could help me.

    • @vhutshiloali1 im sure it have alot of benefits yoga while pregnant if i can add try and get as much naps and sleep and maybe pregomega vitamins and folic acid if you not taking any??????

  2. I recently started talking my vitamins but honestly am so lazy to exercise am too tired and am not sleeping well because of my back pain

    • shame man i know i also didnt had any energy to exercise…also had lower back pain so bad good luck hope u will feel better once he vitamin kicks in.

      • @lisaanderson am hoping that to the is so much I feel to do but I just don’t have energy am even lazy to go to the malls because of urinating and am very forgetful

  3. Reatlegile Leeuw

    i havent done yoga but this video encourages me to do, i do exercise. The only thing i did its pilates

  4. Omg i tried but am kinda lazy to do such exercises,when i do i feel pains?

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