Slow Cooker Beef Pot Roast Recipe

I recently shared a post about how much I love my crock pot and the response on social media was to share some recipes… and the truth is that I have just made it up as I go along until now.

So I had to go and try and test some slow cooker recipes for you quickly!

I love the way Chef John from Food Wishes says in his video that anyone that just chucks their food in their slow cooker is doing it the wrong way… well I was doing that and even though it turned out nice I have to admit that his way is much tastier.

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  1. Absolutely love food and cooking.. . would love to own 1 of these1 day…. meals looks divine

  2. Lynne im even a bigger fan now seems like it we both love our slow cooker to much i will definitly try this meal for sure winter is coming and i need new ideas and recipes thx alot lynne i have a beest roast left of festive season never made it as we had to much food already.

  3. @lindafourie this is the recipe i made that sunday with the roast i got a few complinents so thanks lynne we enjoyed it dont know if it was exactly like yours but it came out devine my mom even took a take away LOL and Shane had some again later that day.

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