Pull-Apart Bread by Grace Stevens

Now I know I am on this weight loss mission but the truth is that I love white bread, I love soft white rolls… this sort of thing gets me so hungry. Give it to me straight out of the oven, still hot so I can smother them with butter and I am in heaven.

So yes today I bought some yeast and some sesame seeds so that I have all the ingredients on hand for when I find a spare moment to try these out.

Please note it is 60g butter for the recipe! 

I’m not a very successful baker, but since I have just met Grace Stevens this last week I have someone to call and complain to if they come out anything less than perfect! I’ve been assured that these are a big time winner.

I can cook but baking is a different story! The only things I have ever personally managed to perfect is this 3 layer vanilla microwave cake and these chocolate cupcakes. I made bread once and it was nice when hot but then it was very heavy after it cooled down. I love the light, soft fluffy bread and I am hoping that this one is it!

I will update this post after I have tried it out. If you give it a go come back and let me know how it went!

And check out her book on Amazon for creating your own amazing fondant designs!

I’ve always had this thought that maybe one day I could go all Mary Poppins style and make my kids birthday cakes (decorations and all) one day. I have never been brave enough but perhaps with some help it may be possible!

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  1. I shall await feedback from you once you have given this a try.

    I love soft bread rolls, but I make bread rolls at home and add on top vegetables and cheese. It is divine and makes an ideal tea time snack.
    I have seen quite a few shops recently have been making all types or savoury rolls, but not all are soft and fluff, most have a “rubbery” texture.

    I don’t use yeast in my bread rolls due to the waiting period before you can pop them in the oven. I used baking powder instead with a teaspoon of lemon juice.
    With kids around there is not much patience in the kitchen, and whenever I bake my son joins me.

  2. This looks delicious, please share your experience, recipe and method i would love to try this

  3. Phakeme Mthembu

    This recipe is soo easy I am definitely trying it out tonight 💃💃

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