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How To Get Things Done With Kids – Mom Of 5 Work At Home

Mom reading to kids at home

As a mother that works from home I always love reading blogs and watching videos where other work from home moms share their tips on how to cope and get things done. I love this video from a mom of 5 sharing her tips on how to get things done with kids.

I did kinda assume that having 5 kids was a huge difference to having just one or two but now that I have watched the video I have to agree with everything Lisa said. When she said that her first baby was really hard because she stressed about so much but with each new child she wasn’t able to stress so much, I could really relate to this. Yes I have 2 kids but I was a crazy woman with my first and so much more laid back with my second baby.

She makes brilliant points too about not worrying about her kids getting dirty – seriously kids are going to get dirty as can be no matter what you do so getting stressed about it is pointless.

If you work from home with your kids this video will give you some great tips for getting things done with kids. You can read Lisa’s full article here.

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