How To Get Things Done With Kids – Mom Of 5 Work At Home

As a mother that works from home I always love reading blogs and watching videos where other work from home moms share their tips on how to cope and get things done. I love this video from a mom of 5 sharing her tips on how to get things done with kids.

I did kinda assume that having 5 kids was a huge difference to having just one or two but now that I have watched the video I have to agree with everything Lisa said. When she said that her first baby was really hard because she stressed about so much but with each new child she wasn’t able to stress so much, I could really relate to this. Yes I have 2 kids but I was a crazy woman with my first and so much more laid back with my second baby.

She makes brilliant points too about not worrying about her kids getting dirty – seriously kids are going to get dirty as can be no matter what you do so getting stressed about it is pointless.

If you work from home with your kids this video will give you some great tips for getting things done with kids. You can read Lisa’s full article here.

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  1. Elize Swanepoel

    This is such a great video and there are some things that I agree with and others not so much, but nothing serious.

    The only reason why I disagree about one thing is because my own schedule and circumstances are different from Liza’s.

    Firstly, I take my hat off to anyone that raises five kids! I love Liza’s tips.

    It is true. We stress ourselves out over the silliest of things. I have one child and I am guilty of this. I’ve read a while ago on one of the blog posts that we have to prioritize about what we’re stressing about. Decide which things are important and what are the things we can overlook. You can’t tell your toddler no for every single little thing. This advice has really helped me.

    Breaking your tasks or goals down over a longer period makes sense. That’s what I’ve been trying to do over the past two months. I decide to do a certain amount of writing or commenting per day. Sometimes, it doesn’t pan out like we planned but I’m taking things as they come.

    The benefit that Moms with multiple kids have, is that they have older siblings that can help out with the younger one’s. When you have one child, you’re it. You have to make sure that everything get’s done.

    I think Liza will probably laugh at me when she looks into JD’s drawers. I’m always scared that he doesn’t have enough clothes for the Season. And his toy box is full to the brim.

    Liza said that she doesn’t bargain hunt. This is the one thing that I absolutely do. I enter competitions (and win every now and again), I research specials just before payday and I buy in bulk. I’m also a member of Hometester club and sometimes get to test great products for free.

    Overall, a great video and the tips are doable and will certainly make our lives easier.

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