Baking Soda Gender Test

Trying out old wives tales to guess the gender of your baby is loads of fun. I tried the ring and hair gender test with both my children and it was correct both times which was interesting and lots of fun.

Apparently pouring your first morning wee into baking soda can tell you the gender of your baby. If there is little to no reaction then your baby should be a girl. If it fizzes and foams it is apparently a boy.

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  1. @lynne this is one i done and was correct awesome i havent done the ring heard alot of it but never tried it.

  2. Wow am definitely going to try this

  3. I didnt try this back in the day but I did do the hair ring test and was accurate

  4. I have heard about this. Didnt try it though. I did do the ring test which was correct

  5. How do you do the ring test? I haven’t heard of it before.

    The baking soda one is interesting.

    I wish I knew about this when I was pregnant. 🙂

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