4 Reasons Stretch Marks Are Sexy

Us women are always stressed about our stretch marks and trying to figure out ways to get rid of our stretch marks from pregnancy. Kirstina Kuzmic gives some really good reasons why our stretch marks are awesome and sexy instead and I love this video.

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  1. ome she say it so good and express herself so great…i agree 100% with her even if sometimes feel i need to get rid of them and use oil to het rid of them however the once that stay stay and hubby said i earned my stripes he still love me and i still look sexy to him so i think its great.

  2. Wooooh sometimes i feel like to get rid of them,but since she express her self i think am inlove with my stretch marks☺️☺️

  3. Worrying is our middle name i mean those marks God puts them in a close place which is between me and hubby and hubby don’t mind them simple because there part of reasons he is a father and we should not worry about them at all

  4. At first my stretch marks did bother me but know it doesn’t anymore I love my stretch marks so does my hubby 😂

    • They take a bit of time to get used to don’t they? LOL

      I’ve also got stretch marks and they don’t bother me anymore. I’ve got 2 beautiful kids and some scars to prove it – stretchmarks and c-section scars.

  5. At first it bother me but after 3 kids I’ve accepted it shows that you a strong woman and my hubby loves it 😂😘

  6. I remember how much it really bruised my confidence. I used to hide and would not take clothes off in front of people. I would sometimes look at myself with so much disgust, I hated them. But now I embrace them. I really enjoy the fact that I have accepted myself and now I flaunt them. I wish we can teach our children children when they get older that it is oki if you have them even if you don’t have.

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