4 Reasons Dads Don’t Really Matter

Kristina Kuzmic raises some more really valid points in her typical sarcastic manner about dads and how they “don’t matter”. I love the way she always manages to bring across her points in such a strong and fun way. Nice one Kristina, because here in our house dad matters and I will always be a daddy’s girl!

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  1. Dad’s do things they own way and not exactly how mom’s prefer

  2. Well i am the mom and I am the dad with regards to my son. Blessed if you have a family with the dad or a father figure. I am just blessed with the strength I hav in raising my son on my own.

  3. Dad are so perfect and they do really matter my son is daddys boy and dad are different when taking care of their children.

  4. I enjoyed this 🙂 Nice light spin on a very serious issue.
    I often joke that my Baby Daddy is actually a better parent than I am 😛

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