10 Tips For a Clean Home

We all want a lovely clean home but a lot of moms are really busy, often working and looking after the running of the household too. Here are 10 tips for a clean home that will help you to stay on top of things.

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  1. Im always trying to keep my house clean it might be untidy sometime but always clean watching these 10 tips i get other ideas als like storage tips with the contianers she use…thanks for sharing these tips i always she something else inbetween even if its not what the video is about i benefit extra from it.

  2. I make sure that the first thing that I do when I woke up its my bed it’s never live it un done

  3. Adri la Grange

    I really liked watching this. As I am sitting here this video actually motivated me to want to go and tidy up some areas. I always make sure that our home is clean because I think this is very important especially with little children and animals living in a home. I struggle with keeping it tidy though. I have the bad habit of piling up things when I am in a hurry. And then I will shift the pile around to make it look more organized, but it still is a pile.
    I wish that I could just get myself to go and put something in its place right after I used it. It actually do not take that much time.

    A few more tips: Something I find very useful is a cutlery drawer organiser for my hair bands and clips and even different nail products.
    Also a pill organizer works very well for my earrings.
    I kept a few purity bottles and sprayed the lids nice colors and use them to store buttons and random little things that will usually lie around making my drawers look untidy.

  4. Adri la Grange

    I would like a recommendation for a vacuum cleaner. Can anyone help me with this? I can afford something for up to R1400.
    I need a vacuum cleaner that will remove pet hair from carpets and furniture because we have four dogs and three cats.
    I feel kind of annoyed, because a have a very nice Electrolux and it is so light and easy to handle, but I cannot get hold of a new filter for it. I phoned around and found out that its filters were discontinued to force people to buy a new vacuum cleaner. This one I have is about 7 years old and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it except for needing a new filter.

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