4 Reasons Women Should Never Breastfeed in Public

I came across this video about women breastfeeding in public and I just had to share it with you all. I just can’t see why so many people fuss about breastfeeding in public when quite frankly there are boobs everywhere anyway.

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  1. I love this ladies videos. Its true i had that problem once where his bottle was ice cold and needed to breast feed and there was absolutely no place but dirty bathrooms or warm car. In the end i had to sit in the warm car to feed my baby

  2. Its actually so wrong of shopping malls not providing clean breast feeding rooms if you have no choice and have to breast feed your child like mentioned above sit in the warm car i avoid even baby rooms at malls if i really have to go like to change a nappy ill do in my boys pram with a struggle better then to use baby rooms thats so dirty and smelling.

  3. Oh my God what must I do if the baby is crying and it want a feed and am not using a bottle

  4. I really thought it’s ok to breastfeeding on public using breastfeed cover

  5. @vhutshiloali1 its is ok to breast feed in public its just not always a healthy option due to the dirty bathrooms.

  6. True when the room Is dirty.but what should I do when my baby is crying a lot and I don’t have any option

  7. For hygiene purposes would be safer to breastfeed out of the public area.
    Mainly with so many new germs and virus’s that are lurking around.

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