Best Babies Laughing Video Compilation

I really believe that watching babies laughing is good for the soul. This video had me laughing with the babies, so I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Ag so sweet! A childs laughter is so precious. My son’s laugh light up my days

  2. The laughs are too adorable. I love it when my little one smiles & makes sounds but I’m waiting for that day that he just burst out & gives us a proper good laugh ?

  3. Anyone that doesnt smile let alone laugh well I have to say needs help. This baby is just too much I am finished hahaha cute man

  4. This is adorable i just enjoyed this laugh now…this is the best medicine a good laugh for this cute baby laughing i played it for my son and his like grabbing the phone guess he wants to see whats mommy laughing at i hear a baby LOL

  5. What a laugh yoo this is so nice to see the babies laughing like this

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