The Miracle of Life – Inside The Womb From Conception to Birth

This is really quite an awesome video showing conception and the baby forming inside the womb until birth.

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  1. Lynne i fully agree this just amazing love these videos saw this one before but watches it again ill watch it over and over its so so cute love it. Thanks for sharing the mommies will love this video.

  2. This is so nice this video shows what’s going on inside the mommy’s tummy

  3. Oh God I just show my husband this video and he just become emotional that he had a drop from his eye and he started asking me what happened when the miscarriage happen then he started to touch my stomach and tell the baby to be safe in there and he is now telling me to stop driving on the gravel road

  4. So emotional loving

  5. @vhutshiloali1 God created a good thing that we are not aware of.

  6. It’s so wonderful

  7. This is so lovely such a wonderful feeling of happiness

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