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Things You Must Do at an Airport

Waiting Airports can be full of boredom. Many of us have been stranded on airports due to bad weather conditions and delayed flights with nothing to do but get bored.

However, things appear to be changing now as airports are getting smarter. Turkey plans on opening the world’s largest airport soon, which will host a lot of activities for the visitors.

The Singapore Airport was voted the #1 airport for having almost every amenity you can think of. Similarly, Dubai Airport has its own hotel room as well.

So, what can you do if you’re bored and have nothing to do at the airport? Check out these tips:

Things You Must Do At An Airport

1# Watch the airplanes take off

The sight of a plane landing or taking off is something you get only at an airport. Looking at the planes up close racing the runway and taking flight is something you can enjoy doing at the airport.

A flight landing the runway on arrival is also a great sight. It’s just something you don’t get to see every day. Plus, if you love photography then it can be a good sight to capture.

2# Get yourself a souvenir

Don’t just back bored waiting to board a flight, you can shop for a little souvenir for yourself. Get up to get something from the airport to remember your journey.

You might be able to get a nice gift such as a name necklace, a photo frame, or even a key chain.

3# Shop the No-duty Stores

Airports have plenty of stores to shop from. The best part is that there are many that are duty-free. Products sold free of duty are cheaper as there is no tax added to their cost.

You can go window-shop or pick what you like at a discount.

4# Explore the Airport

Some airports are tiny while some are huge. If you are lucky enough to be at a large one, roam around the whole place to pass your time. Exploring the terminals, shops, bars, lounges, and even the bathrooms can be fun.

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5# Have a Cup of Coffee

Airport stays can be tedious. Ward off some stress with a hot steaming cup of coffee and enjoy yourself. Some airports have amazing cafes with delicious coffee. Therefore, you must treat yourself with a refreshing mug of caffeine to feel more relaxed.

6# Meet New People

If you’re a people’s person then the airport can be a good choice to mingle with others. You’ll see people form different countries and cultures.

You might not necessarily be able to make new friends but you’ll have fun getting to know other people. However, you may also exchange your Facebook IDs and other such information if you want to stay friends with someone.

7# Read A Magazine

Airport lounges have a number of things to offer to pass your time. Grab a magazine and read the contents to pass your time.

This may not sound exciting but when you’re abroad, you’ll get access to international magazines that may not be available anywhere else.

8# Freshen Up

Some airports have the world’s most comfy bathrooms which you can use to wash off all the jet lag or fatigue. Moreover, you may even be able to get access to pods where you can relax or sleep as well. They’re typically available for hire but can be very expensive at times.

9# Make Use of a Lounge

Almost all airports have lounges that you can get access to  if you fly a specific class or have access. Moreover, at times, you may also have the option to buy lounge access at an additional fee.

Some lounges offer snacks and other amenities so it may be a good choice to consider getting access to a lounge.

10# Sleep

Use the luxury of Airport lounges to have a nap before your flight. If that’s not a possibility, find a bench and sleep but make sure to put up an alarm so that you don’t miss your flight.

Next time you’re stranded at an airport, try doing these things and you’ll have a good time.

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