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The Last Getaway: 8 Babymoon Destinations Perfect for New Moms-to-be

Some people have no idea what a babymoon is and it is understandable. Babymoon getaways are meant for couples who want to get their last chance at a romantic vacation before the baby comes. You may see a pregnant woman looking as if she’s ready to pop while you’re on vacation somewhere and wonder why she’s even out when she should be preparing for her baby. But, many mothers-to-be take advantage of the time before the birth to experience their last travel trip before they become full-blown mothers.

They can last the length of a weekend or an entire week. The point of these getaways is to make the romance in relationships stronger, ultimate relaxation, and fun before the stresses of parenthood take over your life. As fertility rates fall and women who aren’t as fertile gain the opportunity to have babies, this is a perfect type of vacation for celebration. Fertile mothers also enjoy babymoons to celebrate their pregnancies.

Convince your partner that this is needed to have a peaceful birth and to appreciate the coming of motherhood. Be mindful of your health conditions when choosing your destinations and activities you will partake in. Choose activities that you know you’ll enjoy like spa treatments and trying new foods. If you like to move around choose a hiking trip or activities that require you to be active.

8 Babymoon Destinations for the New Mom To Be

1. Paradise Island, Bahamas

Try relaxing beachside with your partner in Paradise Island, which is offshore of the island New Providence. You will appreciate the quiet, secluded hotels and resorts. If you enjoy falling asleep to the swishes of waves and waking up to the beautiful oceanic view, this destination is perfect for you.

Paradise Island is known for Atlantis resorts and sightful white sand beaches but has more to offer. From fine dining to casinos, opportunity awaits at this breathtaking destination.

2. Lake Tahoe, California

Lake Tahoe is for the nature enthusiasts as this destination is located in the mountains. Waking up to the view of trees and all natures beautiful parts is the most relaxing part. If you enjoy hiking, take a walk through the mountain trails or if you want to relax outdoors, take a trip to South Lake Tahoe where the beaches are quiet and sunny.

Once you breathe in the crisp air, you’ll feel free and refreshed. In the winter there is snow atop the mountains and chances to rest in cabins and alpine resorts. Summer is for water activities like paddleboarding and floating through the lakes. Regardless of the season, this destination will leave you relaxed and refreshed and ready to have your baby.

3. Rincon, Puerto Rico

Enjoy the small beaches and nice sunsets when you travel to Rincon, Puerto Rico. This location will not have any large resorts or hotels so if you want a smaller scaled getaway, this may work for you. Smaller secluded locations allow you to focus only on your partner while you’re on vacation and will help you keep the spark in your relationship.

Enjoy the Puerto Rican cuisine and culture as you explore the city. Enhance the romance of your relationship as you spend time laying out and watching the sunset and sunrise. There is a variety of places to go for any kind of taste and type of traveler. If you want to spend your vacation luxuriously or keep it within a small budget, you’ll enjoy your time here.

4. Toronto, Canada

A weekend in Toronto is more rewarding than it sounds. If you want to feel city life and a more upbeat vacation, take a trip to the CN Tower to get a panoramic view of the skyscrapers. But along with cool cityscapes, there are greenways and nature spots to enjoy the outdoors and relax while you and your partner soak up the sun.

Walk around and shop in stores meant for parents like Advice From a Catapiller or Ella & Elliot or get a spa treatment at a resort.

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5. Key West, Florida

If you wish to stay in the United States and want to avoid the pains of taking a trip out of the country, try the Florida Keys. As one of the best places to visit in Florida and with its Caribbean feel and beaches, you’ll feel as if you’re on a tropic island somewhere foreign.

This location isn’t fancy and you’ll feel comfortable without having to try and keep up with the locals. With year-round parades and events, there are interesting things to witness and experience while you bask in your partner’s love.

6. Charleston, North Carolina

Great for springtime travel, North Caroline offers the most romantic city of Charleston. From secluded gardens and alleys to luxurious resorts and restaurants, you will most definitely focus on the love you and your partner share. Babymoon packages are offered at some hotels with itineraries and special commodities meant for couples.

Snap some memorable photos in the most scenic places or get local photographers to do a professional shoot to get colorful photos.

7. Hot Springs, Arkansas

The lodges in the Hot Springs of Arkansas are unlike any other lodges you’ve been. The weather can get pretty warm, but if that’s what you’re looking for then this destination may fit your liking.

With attractions like Garvan Woodland Gardens and the Anthony Chapel, there are countless opportunities for great photography shots. Take a trip to the Hot Springs National Park and enjoy the bathhouses to relax and get massages with your partner to loosen up.

8. Atlantic City, New Jersey

For a more exciting and fun-filled babymoon vacation, Atlantic City offers the feel of Las Vegas with many casinos and sightseeing. Experience the famous boardwalk and visit restaurants and diversions to keep you active.

You can relax at the spas offered at the hotels you may visit for calming massages made for expecting mothers. Don’t gamble too much and get carried away in all the fun you’ll have and make time to focus on your partnership by kicking up the romance with luxurious dinners and bonding activities.

Romantic places to visit in Atlantic City:

  • Chef Vola’s
  • The Music Box
  • The Water Club at Borgata
  • Ruth’s Chris Steak House
  • Atlantic City boardwalk

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  1. Wow awesome destination wish I could have gone to a babymoon thanks for the tips

    • We went on a weekend away when I was 6 months pregnant it was a honeymoon / babymoon and it was great to get away. I had the best pregnancy massage ever in the hotel we stayed at which was lovely.

  2. Cheron Hercules

    I wish I’d gone more out and see places when I was pregnant instead of just being at home

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