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How to Get a Visa for Your Family or Friends to Move or Visit the UK

When you’re living in the UK, your friends or family might want to visit you or move there as well when they hear how great it is. The possibility to get a visa for them exists, and they will be able to stay in the country for 6 months.

how to get a visa for your family or friends to move or visit the UK

There are some things that can be done to obtain a visa for your loved ones who want to visit or move closer to you. Therefore, here’s a little guide to help you through this.

  • Applying on their behalf

If you are the one applying and not them, then you should apply online. However, keep in mind that the nationality is important before applying. There are nationalities that don’t require a visa to be able to visit the UK, so check if they do. Once you apply, the ones who wish to visit must have their fingerprints and photo taken at a visa application centre. Also, the website needs you to answer some questions. For example, they will ask who is the visitor (a friend, family member, spouse, boyfriend/girlfriend). Then, they will require the reason for visiting, the visa type, and the visa sub type. Later, the visitor has the possibility to extend the visa from inside the UK.

  • How long does it take?

The amount of time it takes to obtain the visa depends on a number of factors. It could take:

  • About 8 weeks if you apply online, by post or in the UK
  • About 12 weeks if you apply outside the UK
  • On the same day, but only if you apply in the United Kingdom in person by using the premium service

If your application is complex, then the application might require a longer time. This happens if:

  • You have to attend an interview
  • You can not prove that you know English
  • You have a criminal conviction
  • You don’t meet the requirement for the minimum income
  • You have not provided all the necessary evidence to the Home Office

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  • What documents do you need?

There are some documents required to obtain the visa. Some of these are:

  • A proof that there are enough funds for the trip (whether you’re the one paying or the visitors are the ones paying)
  • If the visitors are paying for the trip, they need to provide payslips or bank statements
  • If you’re paying, you need to prove that you can support the expenses for the trip as well as your personal costs (provide a proof of the trip costs, your workplace and income, bank statements)
  • A copy of your visa or passport to prove that you’re legally in the UK

If the visitor is a girlfriend/boyfriend or friend, you need to prove that the relationship is genuine. Therefore, you need to explain how you communicate and where and how you met.


Obtaining a visa for your friends or family takes time and requires a lot of things. However, it’s not impossible if you meet all the conditions. The WMImmigration website has more useful information about the visas.

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