Tips for boosting infertility

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Provides 7 Tips for Boosting Fertility

If you want to maximize the chances of your being fertile through the all-natural way, traditional Chinese medicine can help you a lot.

In a seminar held in Brooklyn, New Yark, Alexander Goldberg,who is an acupuncturist and natural fertility specialist, emphasized the role of traditional Chinese medicines (TCM) in reversing infertility in women.

Here is the gist of his speech, focusing on the 7 tips, which can drastically enhance your chances of falling pregnant naturally:

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Provides 7 Tips for Boosting Fertility

1 An enhanced flow of blood is required towards the reproductive organs

When our life is overfilled with stress, the flow of blood decreases towards our sexual organs and increases towards other organs such as the arms, legs etc. This can most certainly be one of the reasons behind infertility.

In such a case, the therapy of acupuncture is used to help boost the flow of blood towards the reproductive organs.

De-stressing activities also help in this regard i.e. going to a place of one’s choice and relaxing mind in other ways. Once our reproductive system receives optimal amount of blood, it can immensely improve its ability to getting pregnant.

 2 Balancing one’s Hormones

Pregnancy becomes difficult when hormones are not aligned or balanced.

And what can be held guilty for such hormonal imbalance? Again, it’s nothing else but stress.

The number of hormone prolactin increases in women whose life is overfilled with stress. It then obstructs ovulation.

In this case not only stress reduction strategies are required but also there are traditional Chinese herbs that can surely help. Two of the best ways to rebalance hormones, are eating a healthy, balanced diet and exercising regularly.

3 Improving one’s Emotional Health

According to TCM, liver and lungs are the most important organs, which play role in the process of fertility.

Liver is sensitive and is affected by the emotions of anger, aggravation, stress and inspiration.

In TCM, attention is devoted to Liver Qi stagnation, while improving the disorder of infertility.

Similarly lungs are commonly affected by depression, sorrow and enduring troubles. So TCM emphasizes on sparing time for making one’s mind calm through therapies like yoga, meditation and acupuncture.

4 Avoiding Humidity

When humidity mounts up in one’s body, it tends to cause jams in the form of cysts and fibroids that later impedes the process of getting pregnant.

If a woman is wantingto become pregnant, she must avoid damp and oily foods suck as milk, butter, cream, ice and alcohol etc. Not only this but also damp clothing, moist rooms and humid weather should be avoided.

5 Noting one’s Basal Body Temperature (BBT)

It’s the lowest body temperature attained during rest or sleep. It helps in knowing the exact time of ovulating, whether or not ovulation has taken place on the best possible time. It also helps in determining the required temperature for fertility.

It is not only TCM but also Western medicine believes in BBT. One can get BBT thermometer from a local pharmacy.

 6 Making Sure one’s body has Enough Energy

It’s a common misconception that a woman who is very thin, muscular and extremely active and who avoids eating regular meals is “perfect”.

If a woman is depleting all her energies through regular workouts and modern dieting plans, she will not be able to conceive as in that case her body will not have enough energy to support a new life.

7 Don’t Worry Too Much

Most of the women get obsessed when their attempts to get pregnant fail continuously for months. Too much worrying will further aggravate the situation.

You need to have a stress-free positive attitude towards your infertility problem. The next thing to do is to focus on an immediate natural therapy that’s free from painful surgical procedures and harmful drugs.

Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) is the natural therapy to all kinds of infertility problems.

The above-mentioned 7 tips are of great avail, possibly making it possible to get pregnant even if you have been diagnosed as infertile.

If you think you may be infertile and are showing common symptoms of infertility it may be well worth your while trying out TCM, it is a natural remedy and certainly not nearly as invasive as a lot of other methods to overcome infertility.

A rising number of American doctors favors natural techniques like acupuncture for curing lots of disorders including infertility. If you are already taking western medicines for infertility but serious about using herbs and other medicines from the natural therapy of TCM, you better ask your doctor to ascertain that they don’t interfere with that treatment.

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