Tortoises mating video

Tortoises Mating Video – Oh my this was funny!

I think most kids are obsessed with animals and mine are no different they love watching animal videos, they love seeing animals outside and one of the things they love the best is feeding animals.

This means that on a nice day we are regulars at Scott’s Nursery where my kids can feed the goats, tortoises, llamas, ponies, rabbits and geese.

Now very often when my kids do something funny I don’t manage to get it on camera, but on a recent visit to Scott’s nursery I got what has to be our funniest home video.

My kids were walking along feeding the animals when I looked next to me the big tortoises were humping so I managed to quickly get my phone out.

Mommies you’ve got to watch this tortoises mating video all the way to the end for the laugh…. in case you were wondering what sound tortoises make, this will clarify it for you.

I hope you enjoyed that and I will just hope and had a good laugh. If you did enjoy it, please give it a thumbs up on my Youtube channel 🙂

Now I will just hope and pray that my daughter doesn’t share her new found discovery with her friends at play school!

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  1. I’m crying I’m laughing so hard ?

    • Tamara that video was too good not to share right? You know usually I don’t ever get those good moments on camera so I was so happy with this. It makes me laugh still every time I watch it.

      I am so glad I could make you smile!

  2. Hello Lynne, your little daughter is very observant 😉 Keep laughing!


    • Oh EJ you have no idea! The stuff my little girl tells me blows my mind. I can’t believe how perceptive 5 year olds can be!

  3. Bwhahahahahahaha!!!
    Love it!!!

    Your kids are beautiful!

  4. ????i love it your kids though are so adorable

  5. Watching this over and over its so funny i loved this best capture if the year well done…we had a moment one year ago sitting at the dinner table on he farm anđ when i looked around the cows are mating i burst out laughing so loud then only everyone notice what it was about.

  6. ?? what a laugh this is so good

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