Benefits of amber teething necklaces

Top 3 Benefits of Amber Teething Necklaces

Firstly we apologize that we are no longer stocking amber teething necklaces!

Amber teething necklaces have always generated so much interest on our website and our social networks so I have written a number of posts on various topics already, I’ll give you a run down of these posts with links a bit later on.

The one thing I haven’t shared yet are the benefits. For me this really made buying an amber teething necklace something I just had to do even though at the time I wasn’t sure they would even work.

Top 3 Benefits of Amber Necklaces

1. Amber Teething Necklaces are a natural remedy

Personally I am not at all fond of medicating my kids. I give them medication only when they really need it. The problem with teething is that this is a long process and your baby is so uncomfortable and often in pain. What do you do?

Yes there are some natural remedies for teething but none of these last very long now do they?

I found I couldn’t bear seeing my daughter in pain and at one stage I found I was giving her Panado, Nurofen and Calpol daily. This just had to stop but I couldn’t see any way out unless I let her suffer.

So I am sure lots of moms are now nodding their heads, knowing exactly what this feels like!

2. Amber Teething Necklaces are a no fuss alternative

I’m sure you think that is a strange thing to say.. a “no fuss” alternative. Well let me explain it. With a teething necklace you just put it on and leave it on. There is nothing else to do.

How much time have you spent doing these activities:

  • Rubbing your baby’s gums (with or without teething gels or powders)?
  • Administering medication every 4 hours. Maybe your baby just sucks up medication with a smile on his face but mine never did. What a fight just to get 2.5ml of liquid into a baby! No thanks, this is not fun.
  • Making ice lollies for teething… and then cleaning up the mess afterwards when they dripped it all over the floor and themselves?
  • Freezing wet face cloths for baby to chew on? Then trying to makes sure baby chews it and not throws it on the floor so it is not hygienic. Washing the facecloth just to do the same process again?
  • Remembering to put teething rings in the fridge?
  • Constantly cleaning teething rings/toys

I’m not sure about you, perhaps you’ll call me a lazy mom… but I like things easy. The easier the better. A teething baby is NOT easy. Anything that will make it easier for me is a winner in my eyes.

3. Amber Teething Necklaces are cost effective

Yes I can just see you rolling your eyes when I say a necklace that costs about R200 it “cost effective”. Just bear with me here, because this is my reasoning. An amber teething  necklace will last your baby from the time the start of teething until the very end. In fact I know some moms that have used the same amber teething necklace for more than one child… so it is R200 once off.

How much money will you spend every month on your baby over about 2 – 3 years during the teething process on these items:

  • Pain medication like Panado, Calpol, Nurofen?
  • Teething gels and powders to rub on baby’s gums
  • Teething rings and toys
  • Teething Biltong
  • Bum cream or other remedies for bum rashes caused by those horrible teething nappies (yes the amber teething necklace stopped my daughter’s teething poops overnight!)
  • Extra nappies to change your baby more often because of so many teething poops! Also to change baby more often when he/ she has a nappy rash!
  • Creams, potions and lotions for rashes on baby’s face from drooling.
  • Doctor’s bills and medication costs when your baby gets sick during teething, yes your baby is prone to get ill every singe time a tooth is going to come through! And yes amber teething necklaces can help boost the immune system.

So overall I really think buying an amber teething necklace for your baby is well worth the investment!

What is Baltic Amber?

Baltic Amber is fossilized tree resin from the Baltic States. It has high levels of succinic acid which has analgesic properties.

Read the post I wrote about Baltic Amber here.

Do Amber Teething Necklaces work?

So this is the question that all the moms ask! Do they work?

Well even when I sold them I never went with the miracle cure for teething routine. I like to share my own experiences and tell it like it is.

They worked with both my children. The amber teething necklace worked better on my son (my 2nd child) than it did on my daughter. I love amber teething necklaces for all the reasons I gave in this post. I don’t however believe they are a miracle cure for teething, but I do believe it is the best chance you’ve got!

While selling amber teething necklaces I always asked the moms to come back to me and give me feedback. I would say that about 5% of moms that bought from me said it did absolutely nothing.

About 65% of the moms that bought amber teething necklaces from me raved about them and they said it is a miracle cure. A lot of them said they never had a teething problem again, some of their babies started sleeping through the night as soon as they started wearing an amber teething necklace.

I was very resentful about this because my daughter only slept through for the first time just after her third birthday. (By the way this is why I won’t call it a miracle cure, it should’ve made her sleep through).

However it did stop her teething poops overnight, we never had another one. So this was a huge difference for us, she was having about 7 teething poops at night and it was giving her terrible nappy rashes. Plus it was leaking right through her nappy, clothes, bedding and mattress almost every time.

I was at that stage totally gatvol!

Then the other 30% of moms said yes it helped, but no it wasn’t a miracle.

Something I did notice is that the amber teething necklaces seemed to help different babies with different things. For example my daughter still drooled like crazy, but her teething poops stopped. Other moms told me it worked the opposite for them, the drooling stopped but not the teething poops.

Obviously the moms that said it was a miracle cure said it helped with everything.

amber teething necklaces


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  1. My granddaughters necklace broke after only 6 months.. very disappointed as my son has his for more than 16 months.

    • That is disappointing Lynne, sorry to hear that. There are some places that will restring it, but unfortunately they charge about the same amount to do that as it costs to buy a new one!

  2. Ek wil graag hoor, kan hulle dit net om die nek dra of om die gewrig of enkel ook?

    • Hi Anneri. Some people do stock the amber teething bracelets and amber teething anklets, just ask someone that supplies the amber necklaces if they also do them or if they can refer you to someone that does them.

  3. The Amber necklace is the best thing I ever bought my son wrks like a bomb

    • Hi Nazarene, thanks for letting us know! I also found they worked so well for both my kids. What a pleasure to have a natural remedy!

  4. Best thing I ever bought! My little one wore her first one until she was 3, I then bought her a new one and a year later she still wears it 🙂

    • My kids wore theirs until they were about 3 years old and all their teeth arrived and then I gave them away to moms that needed it more for their babies.

      I also loved them, the amber teething necklaces made teething so much easier.

  5. I’m not convinced… Haven’t tried it, but scientifically it doesn’t make sense to me. I have read up on this topic extensively.

    • Hi Annari

      Each to her own 🙂 I am a believer, I have also spoken to a number of adults that have used amber products for things like migraines and menstrual pain and the feedback I have received has all been positive!

  6. I used it and it worked. No druling and no horrible poops. Although you read articles about the dangers of strangulation I still can’t understand how it can happen and how they can get a arm through it around the neck. I loved it. And it worked for my baby nevermind what people say?

    • Theresa I saw one post going around Facebook about a baby that was apparently nearly strangled by one but if you look at the picture that is not an amber teething necklace, plus the baby apparently managed to get her arm through the necklace which is crazy because the necklaces are not long enough for that!

      I used them for both my babies and they worked like a charm 🙂 I left them on all the time.

  7. It’s never worked with my son

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