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My Toddler Doesn’t Want To Leave Daycare At Pick-Up Time – What To Do?

As a loving parent who gives their child love and attention, you would not expect your child to protest against leaving the daycare when you go to pick them. While it might be heartbreaking to experience this, it is not an uncommon event. Some kids regularly throw a fit when it is time to leave, and it is not for a lack of love for their parents. This article will discuss the reasons why your child might not want to leave, as well as what to do to convince them to leave with you.

My Toddler Doesn't Want To Leave Daycare At Pick-Up Time - What To Do?

Reasons Why Your Child Doesn’t Want to Leave Daycare

There are two major reasons why your child might not want to leave daycare at pick-up time. The first reason could be that your child is having a lot of fun at the time that you arrive, and as such are reluctant to leave. It could also be that your child has had a long day, and is irritable to the point of acting out. Whatever the reason may be, there are ways to make it smoother for yourself and your child.

Tips To Make Pick-Up Easier

These are tips to follow in order to make it easier for your child to leave at pick-up time.

  • Have A Routine: Putting a routine in place goes a long way, in reducing the stress of pick-up time. Inform your child that you are coming to pick them up at a certain time, and ensure to stay true to your words. This way, they know when to expect you and will not be surprised when you arrive. Just like adults, routines help children to function better.
  • Take Your Time: Always take your time during a pick-up, as your child might have had a long day. Putting them under pressure to leave immediately, might get them irritable and cranky. If you notice that they are engrossed in an activity, give them some time to finish before heading home. Inform them that they have about five minutes to round up before it is time to head home. This will give the impression that you respect them, while also teaching them to be time conscious. When leaving, you can walk around with your child to say goodbye to their classmates and teachers.
  • Interactive Departure: Make pick-up time as interactive and fun as possible, and your child will have no problem looking forward to it. Ask them about their day while walking to the car. You can also allow them to assist with some duties such as holding your phone. On the drive home, you can both sing a fun kiddies’ song.
  • Special Time: Dedicate the first couple of minutes after getting home to special activities. This will give your child something to anticipate after daycare every day. It could be thirty minutes of their favorite show, fifteen minutes of reading, or even coloring together.


Making your child feel loved and heard will always do the trick in making daycare pick-up easier. Always have a routine, listen to them talk about their day, allow them to say their goodbyes, and make the trip home interesting. Also, be sure to put them in trusted childcare in Sydney CBD with experienced teachers and caregivers.

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  1. With my second, some days he’ll ask to be picked up “a little early”. And often it’s those days when the time comes he wants to play with his friends a bit more!

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