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Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

There is something unique about infants that attracts us towards them. It is perhaps something instinctive that compel us to treat and protect them.

We all like cuddling, hugging, and playing with babies, but probably no one likes when they are cranky or crying – but there’s no getting around it either, because it is how they express their fear, stress, and hunger or when they don’t get a sufficient amount of sleep, etc.

Babies cry for several reasons, and sometimes it becomes challenging to calm them down. Once you’ve ruled out the cause, such as (a dirty diaper or hunger), and you still have a situation on hand? We have a time-tested formula that is going to clear the tears and make your life easier. So, let’s read on to explore the most common reasons why babies cry and how to soothe them.

Tips To Soothe A Crying Baby

Stimulation Seekers

Babies are always demanding to explore the world. It can sometimes be exhausting for moms who are on their toes, all day trying to manage different activities for the baby. You can take your kid out to the park and other kid-friendly places. However, after a tiring day from all-play-and-no-rest, the kid deserves a baby massage oil. It is a beautiful way to bond with the child and provide comfort to them.

Colic Issues

A prevalent issue found in babies is abdominal pain. Often, such tummy problems cause babies to cry in pain. Sometimes the pain lasts for hours or days. All that your baby needs is some pressure on the tummy to relieve colic or gas. Try these few steps if you have a colic baby:

  • Put your baby lay on the belly, while gently holding the head in your hand and with the other hand, give a gentle massage on the back of the stomach.
  • Put the abdomen on your shoulder while holding the baby upright.
  • Push the baby’s knees towards the tummy for about ten seconds and the release. Repeat this a few times to relieve gas.

Many parents prefer over the counter gripe water or drops. However, if the problem persists, it is suggested to consult your child’s pediatrician.

Time for Burp

It isn’t mandatory at all, but if your baby starts crying after being fed, a good burp is all that is required. The reason behind it is the air inhaled during breastfeeding or bottle milk, makes the baby restless and uncomfortable.

Need for Nap

Much easier said than done. Every mom desires to put babies to sleep in a second. But sometimes babies are so tired that they cry and create a fuss and are unable to get a good nap. The years-old saying goes by, give your baby ample sleep, and you will feel fresh. The more they sleep well, they will feel less-cranky and less-fussy.

Need for Affection

Babies desire undivided and unconditional love. Babies can smell, touch, and hear to identify the parents, and sometimes, to seek attention, all they can express is through a cry. Many of us believe that it may spoil the baby and develop a dependency, but it isn’t as easy as it sounds. Like it’s said, there is nothing like sleeping in your mom’s arms.


Even babies can get bored, and if they do, they can quickly get fussy about it. So, to keep the little one happy, try making silly faces and noises which may grab the attention. Play with the toys or dance, and definitely to the peek-a-boo! Babies would love you.

Speak to them

It is a great idea to talk to kids. They listen, hear, and understand, more than you can imagine. It is just that they aren’t comprehending and responding accordingly. You can start with 1-2 word phrases with emotions, and they will acknowledge. At first, it may seem like it isn’t worthy, but while you practice, it might just work.

Swaddled baby

Swaddle Away

It gives a prime feeling of being secured and cozy when the baby is cloud-wrapped inside a blanket. Sometimes the babies prefer their arms to stay outside the swaddle because they feel free. And there is no harm in either, and it gives the baby a womb-like feeling and looks adorable too.

Wear your baby

It’s a great way to carry your baby while you’re walking around. The babies enjoy being close to you, and the carrier also is a convenient accessory since it makes your hands available for multi-tasking this way. A front-pack carrier is ideal for the first quarter when extra head support is necessary.

Rock-a-bye Baby

It is one of the most honored rituals of putting your baby in a rocking chair or glider. These days motorized swings, vibrating, and manual seats are available for babies of all ages. But you also have to make sure you’re not making the baby a routine of these automatic swings.


Going for a walk and breathe fresh air can do wonders for both the babies and moms. The need for change in lights, temperature, and smells is likely to improve the baby’s mood. If the weather is unpleasant, try going for a drive with the baby in her car seat.

The Final Word

The key to keeping the baby peaceful is to remain calm yourself. It’s the only thing that works when nothing else does. There would be times when you, too, would need to take a break (well most of the time) and turn off the lights and put your phone away. It can be overwhelming and chaotic. Try to doze off with your baby, especially in the afternoon. Because that’s usually when the babies are mostly in a fussy mode. So we hope these tips are going to give you breathing space and assist you in managing time and health for both.

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