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Tips For Growing Thick, Gorgeous Hair

It has been estimated that the average person loses between 50 and 150 strands of hair a day. However, noticeable hair loss is a common problem among many people. There are many circumstances that contribute to hair loss such as poor nutrition, stress, pregnancy and autoimmune disorders like alopecia areata. There are also many other reasons for hair loss.

As common as hair loss is, the good news is that there are many things one can do in order to combat it and even reverse it. Figuring out the cause of your hair loss is important so that you know what can be done to combat it. Let’s take a look at some of the treatments available for hair loss.

Tips For Growing Thick, Gorgeous Hair

Natural Home Remedies

Many people nowadays are going natural. That is to say that natural, organic products are becoming more and more prominent. That being said, there are many natural homemade remedies for hair loss. DIY hair masks are quite popular among sufferers of hair loss, as one can use ingredients from the kitchen.

One such remedy is onion juice. By juicing a few onions and leaving the liquid on the scalp for about 15 minutes, the hair follicles are stimulated and this can help reverse the signs of hair loss. Another popular hair mask is made with olive oil, eggs, and honey. The protein and antioxidants in this mixture help to fortify hair and leave the scalp nice and healthy. A quick search on the internet will turn up many other homemade masks and remedies as well.


As mentioned before, poor nutrition can lead to hair loss. Our bodies need certain vitamins and minerals to thrive, and so does our hair. A person experiencing hair loss should take a look at their diet and see if perhaps they need to change it a bit, whether that be adding something or taking something out.

Some good foods to eat in order to reduce hair loss are broccoli, which is rich in Vitamins A and C, flaxseed or kale, which has high levels of Omega-3 fatty acids, egg yolks and peanuts, which contain protein, beef and chickpeas, which have a lot of zinc in them, and red meat and beans, which contain high levels of iron. Perhaps your diet is lacking one or more of these vitamins or minerals.

Oils and Hair Growth Shampoos

There are many hair growth shampoos on the market today. Most of which contain a certain type of oil which can help enrich and fortify the hair and scalp. It is also possible to simply apply these oils directly to the hair and scalp in order to encourage hair growth.

Argan oil is a very popular oil for hair loss. It contains high levels of fatty acids and Vitamin E which moisturizes hair. They dryer the hair, the more prone to breakage it is. Therefore, keeping your hair moisturized is very important. Olive oil and coconut oil are also popular choices for the hair. They condition the hair, allowing it to be combed through easier without breaking.

Vitamin Supplements

We talked about how poor nutrition can lead to hair loss already, but sometimes simply making a change in your diet isn’t enough. Sometimes it is necessary to supplement your diet with vitamins. The most important vitamins for hair growth are Omega-3 fatty acids, Zinc, Vitamins A and B, and protein.

One vitamin supplement that is excellent for hair growth, nail growth, and healthy skin is biotin. It is a B-complex vitamin that supports healthy hair growth. It is quite effective as well. There are many different vitamin supplement options and it may take some searching to find what works best for you.

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Laser Combs

Sometimes technology is an easier and more effective option. A laser comb transmits a low-powered beam into the scalp to stimulate the follicles and encourage hair growth.Specifically, it is meant to activate adenosine triphosphate, one of the molecules responsible for hair growth. This molecule carries energy throughout various cells, and the laser comb is made to imitate that. While this tool can be very effective, it is suggested that you consult with your doctor before attempting this treatment.

Another option is a laser helmet. It works in the same way as the laser comb, but is simply set on top of the head and does not need to be moved around the head. It uses a cold laser technology that won’t burn the scalp and it uses over 80 lasers for maximum benefits.

Hair Transplants

Another very effective, yet much more invasive and expensive option is a hair transplant. Hair transplants are for people with more severe cases of hair loss due to medical issues such as alopecia areata or genes. This procedure is considered surgical and consists of taking hair follicles from a donor zone and transplanting them to the part of the scalp that needs rejuvenating.

There are two different types of hair transplants: Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). They may sound similar but there are many variances. FUE is when the hair follicles are manually transplanted from the donor area to another without having to cut the scalp. However, FUT involves a strip of the scalp being cut away for transplantation and then sewn back in place. You can visit The Hair Transplant Hub for more useful information.


There are bountiful different options for people who experience hair loss. It is simply a matter of finding out which option is best for you. Growing thick, gorgeous hair is not impossible. You may have to test out a few different remedies or try combinations of them, but strong, luscious hair is not outside of your reach. Hair loss can be a very annoying and troublesome issue to have, but rest assured there are ways to combat it. Perhaps speaking with a doctor or hair care specialist can help you narrow down the cause of your hair loss and discuss your options and what will work best for you.

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  1. Susan Caryn Robberts

    I enjoyed this! Thank you

  2. Thank you for all the great tips. My hair grew alot during my pregnancy. Afterwards it just slowed down 🙁

  3. This was a very informative article.
    Personally I have always used Coconut oil on my hair, sleep overnight and wash off the morning, the smell is not to my liking but it assisting in thickening my hair and leaves it a lot more shiny than over the counter hair products.
    I have also tried Vartika Oil, this can be found at any spice shop, it smells lovely and has the same after effects as the coconut oil.

  4. I never realized the effect that our diet have on our hair until I became a vegetarian. I was a vegetarian for three years and after a few months of eating no animal derived products my hair just started falling out. I lost so much hair that I had only about one quarter of my hair left. I tried my best to incorporate iron into my diet by eating other kinds of food like nuts, spinach, beans etc., but my hair kept falling out. For this reason as well as a few other considerations I started eating free range animal products. My hair is back to its normal thickness.

  5. You have given such informative tips. I have terribly weak hair. It falls everytime i was or brush it. Will be sure to try some of your tips . Thank you

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