6 Things To Do When You Remodel Your Bathroom

You may not think of your bathroom as an important aspect of your home, but it really can make or break a home. An unpleasant bathroom will not make a good impression on visitors to your home and having an amazing bathroom is an essential part of self-care and can put a smile on your face at the end of a long day. Just think about how it feels having a long soak in a bubble bath in a room that has amazing ambience.

If you are remodeling your bathroom here are some things to consider:

Make Room For Plants In Your Bathroom

Talking about a zen environment, nothing says calm and peaceful better than lots of plants and your bathroom is the perfect place to grow plants. Not only do they make your bathroom more pleasing, they also help to improve the air quality.

Whether you plan to hang them from the ceiling or have them in pots on your window sill, make sure that you have provided ample space to have plenty of plants in your bathroom.

Plants in Bathroom

Ensure Good Ventilation

On the topic of air quality, it is so important to have good ventilation in your bathroom to ensure good health and to prevent mold. Windows are a great option, but it is also good to look at an extractor fan since windows cannot always be open due to extreme cold, outside air pollution and pests getting in.

Look At A Having Wet Bathroom

A wet bathroom is a modern and exciting way to remodel your bathroom. Gone are the days where you have a shower cubicle with doors or a curtain, now you can have an open shower with waterproof walls, floor and cabinets.

This makes great use of space and has a modern feel with no obstacles.

Don’t Skimp On Your Bath

When you do your bath remodel make sure to do sufficient research. Having a huge bath is not very water efficient and is often not very comfortable. If you love having a long soak look at a bath that is ergonomically built ensuring maximum comfort.

A built in bath offers better use of space and is less cumbersome than a freestanding bath. Baths come in many different materials including acrylic, steel, cast iron and other solid surfaces. Each of these offer different pros and cons so make sure to decide which one suits your needs best before shopping around.

Research Your Toilet Type

There is nothing worse than flushing a toilet 20 times and still it does not flush properly. If you have ever experienced this then you know exactly what I mean. The water used by your toilet will make up approximately 30% of your household water usage so making sure that you get the best possible toilet will be a good investment even if you have to pay a little more in the beginning.

There is more to choosing a toilet than you may think, such as the choice between a gravity assisted toilet. pressure assisted toilet, power assisted toilet, power assisted toilet or a dual flush toilet. You also need to consider the flushing system, size of the bowl, how much water used per flush, the shape of the seat and the flush.

Focus On Great Lighting

Natural light is always first choice when it comes to your home, so if you can have windows and a sky light that will be amazing. Make sure to have good lighting installed for evenings and days when the natural light is not sufficient and for bathrooms that are not able to get good natural lighting.

Make sure not to have lights that are too harsh. Make sure to have overhead lighting as well as soft lighting around your vanity, as well as by your bath and shower areas.

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  1. I love the idea of a wet bathroom it just suits me fine…. ?….. Mould was my biggest problem…. Great insight… Thank you Lynne

  2. Geraldine Grobler

    We have a recycle water system all bath and shower water gets recycled and used for toilet flushing and this helps a lot our water bill a month is no more than 300.00

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