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The Unwavering Innovation Happening In The Aesthetic Medical Devices Industry

All around the world, the aesthetic medical devices industry is in full blossom. Moreover, latest estimates tell us that the market is expected to reach a staggering $25.1 billion by 2022 thanks to a constant and ever-growing demand.

As the industry expands its global footprint, naturally innovation flourishes. There was never a time more exciting than now for clients to tap into truly amazing and effective minimally invasive procedures that require little or no downtime, come with little risk and provide excellent results. These procedures can be anything from hair laser removal and IPL, to chemical peels, acne scars and vascular lesions management, skin tightening and rejuvenation, facial and body contouring, chemical peels and Microdermabrasion – and this is just to name a few.

The Unwavering Innovation Happening In The Aesthetic Medical Devices Industry

Israel – the hub of medical aesthetics innovation

Israeli cosmetic medical devices manufacturers have been sweeping the world with their cutting-edge products and have definitely set the bar high for the rest of the countries. The country is infamous as a key player across the entire sector and beyond, comprising healthcare technologies as well. Their discoveries have been instrumental in finding solutions to the toughest of global challenges, such as early diagnosis and chronic disease treatments.

With robust research and development strategies and highly entrepreneurial spirit, Israel developed a thriving ecosystem where a handful of medical aesthetics companies are racing to bring the next big thing to market. A common thread among them is working around the idea of multi-platform devices, meaning there’s one single device working as an all-in-one solution.

Their flagship innovations, known as Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC) and DPC Flow technologies have been at the front of treatment quality, risk reduction, effectiveness and speed for clients, and equally preferred by practices for their ability to deliver superior clinical outcomes and the efficiency and cost-effectiveness that comes with having various aesthetics workstation that can perform multiple jobs.

One of their powerful multi-technology solutions is OMNIMAX S4, the result of knowledge and experience accumulated from over 30,000 treatment per month. Its value truly lies in the many indications it has for all skin types. Imagine being able to meet the needs of a mother seeking to revitalize her skin or a teenager looking to alleviate their acne – the OMNIMAX S4 can handle it all and more. The customization aspect has been appealing for a significant number of clinics and practices, and that’s just one of the products from their portfolio.

What to expect from the future

The incontestable rise of the online is making everyone more aware of trends. Anyone can easily access a myriad of information about techniques, devices and developments in the aesthetic medical industry. In the next decade, in the U.S. alone at least 21.9 million new procedures are estimated to be performed. This alongside ageing populations escalating globally, many more will turn to cosmetic devices to achieve their appearance goals. By region, North America encompassing the U.S., Canada and Mexico will continue being the global markets for demand, followed by the top 5 European countries and Asia-Pacific countries.

Another important trend to consider is the emerging disruptive technologies that some could only dream of a decade ago, but are now seemingly at reach. The potential of using artificial intelligence and smart algorithms to perform better, more accurate and more complex procedures is on the horizon. Simultaneously, the rise of robotics shows great promise in automatizing human-handled work in a field that hasn’t been touched yet by this incredible advancement.

Whatever the future may hold, it will definitely outshine the current offering of today and be positioned to perform even better, faster, safer and more efficient procedures than we can even imagine right now. However, with this will come a greater level of responsibility and a bigger need for training personnel. Impressive times are ahead and the aesthetic medical devices companies are definitely in for a thrill ride.

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