The Things We Tell Ourselves

I just love this video that Kristina Kuzmic shared recently where she shares some of the things that she tells herself. She has guests in this video – all women – and she asks them what they tell themselves.

All of the women beat themselves up for something and some for many things – from being overweight to being a bad mom.

I’m sure many moms will nodding their heads I understanding when watching this video, I know I was. It is time to stop with negative self-talk and start appreciating ourselves more. We need to give ourselves credit and stop putting ourselves down.

I love the way Kristina turns this around and makes me realize how I need to change my own negative self-talk by giving these ladies each a picture of a young girl and asking them to say the same things to them and all of them said they couldn’t.

This is a beautiful motivational video that all women should watch.

This is something that I should be focusing on because something I am always telling myself is that I am not good enough. Not a good enough mom, not a good enough wife… daughter… you name it.

What are some of the things you tell yourself?

The Things We Tell Ourselves

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  1. I tell myself I am not good enough when my children are grumpy or fighting with each other; I also get so frustrated with myself when I can’t get them to bed on time. My daughter tends to take a long time to fall asleep, and she needs about an hour of winding down after brushing teeth and reading stories etc. are finished before she can finally sleep. This means that the whole process of getting to sleep takes several hours and is pretty exhausting. On top of that, I work from home and need to try to catch up with work once the little ones are asleep, so I struggle to get up early enough in the morning to ensure that they are exhausted by early evening. It is a vicious cycle!

  2. If I could triple love this article, I would @lynne.

    Thanks for sharing this. I think all of us women need to look at this video every now and again to remind ourselves. we are just human, we are not machines. We need to pat ourselves on the back for all the good things we do and not focus on the little insignificant things that doesn’t really matter.

    I tell myself all the time that I’m not doing enough. I mop the floors at least three times a week but the white tiles end up looking like a mess within a few hours of me doing so and then I sometimes feel that it’s not good enough. I should be able to do more.

    My husband puts JD to sleep within minutes for his afternoon nap. But when he is with me, he will not go to sleep no matter what I do. And then I feel like a failure. I think my husband makes it worse because he will say something about it and I will feel worse because I was already beating myself up over it.

    But on better days, I think about it and I realize that there are plenty thing that I manage to get done on a daily basis. I’m the one packing JD’s bag for school. I never leave a sink full of dishes for later. I tidy our flat every day before I go to work because I don’t like to walk into an untidy house when I get home. I have a full time job that I do every day. I hardly ever take sick days off. I’m making JD laugh every day with my silly songs and antics. I hug and kiss him and tell him that I love him every day.

    Surely that means a lot more than the few things I can’t seem to do perfectly.

  3. Betsie Labuschagne

    I have watched this video and it is so true. I tend to feel like a complete failure when I compare myself to other moms, or I would see how they handle a situation and think to myself that I should be more like that.

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