The Latest Front Entry Door Ideas to Add Appeal and Value to Your Home

The entry door is like a portal leading to your home. It creates a visitor’s first impression of your property, and it also says a lot about your design and style preferences.

Unfortunately, some homeowners tend to overlook their front door. They fail to notice that their door is already fading and warping.

The cost to install an entry door starts around $500. It can even go up to as much as $1,400, depending on the door. If you are going to spend on an entry door, you better consider some of the latest front entry door ideas.

Continue reading as we take a look at some that you can incorporate when replacing your old entry door.

Important Front Door Ideas to Consider

Replacing an old door starts with realizing you need a new one. There are key signs that tell you that you need a replacement. Click here link to learn more.

As for the door itself, you should consider incorporating the latest front entry door ideas. Let’s take a look at eight that will help increase your home’s curb value.

  1. Colors Speak

Colors add life to anything. They can also set a tone that will affect everybody’s mood. If you want something bold and eye-catching, go for a door with a classic red color.

This color easily gives off an energetic vibe. It creates excitement on the part of your visitors. It also lifts up your spirits after that long day at work.

If you are not into bold colors, you can stick to neutral tones. If your home is sporting monochromatic palettes, then gray tones will work on your entry door. There is something about neutral tones that give off an elegant appeal.

But if you are the creative type, why not create your own colors? Consult with a paint contractor and have them custom a color that you want.

  1. The Enigmatic Reclaimed Door

If you want to add a touch of history in your home, you can go for that enigmatic reclaimed door. You can find these doors in specialty stores and reclamation yards.

A reclaimed door will make your entryway stand out. In some cases, reclaimed doors turn into conversational pieces.

When hunting for one, make sure to inspect the door thoroughly. You want to avoid something that is already warping. You also want to stay away from doors with signs of rotting or cracking.

  1. Tough Hardwood

If you want something appealing that also offers durability, go for a hardwood door. There are several options of hardwood you can go for, but oak is one of the easy favorites.

There is also accoya. This is a type of chemically modified timber. This modification makes it stronger and more durable compared to other hardwoods.

There is also the reliable timber door. If you wish to highlight its authenticity, give it a good finishing using wax, linseed oil, or microporous paint. Make sure to finish it off with a weather-tight barrier.

  1. Play With Glass

Glass is one of those elements that add character to any front entry door. If you are big on asymmetric designs, you can use glass-pane dual doors with contrasting dimensions. You can use one of them as a single-swing door.

You may also have both doors open. This allows you to accommodate big items that you want to bring inside the house.

Sometimes, keeping things simple creates the biggest impact. Thus, you may consider going for a minimalistic approach. Install a glass door to create that simple yet complementing statement for your exterior.

Additionally, glass also works well if your house features a stone exterior.

  1. Try Engineered Wood

Are you working on a tight budget? Then you may opt for engineered wood. Generally, this option offers most of the benefits of a solid wooden door. Manufacturers combine and engineer different kinds of blocks.

These blocks feature different types of wood. The manufacturers combine them to form a single composite material.

Another good thing about engineered wood doors is that they are flexible; you can add laminated panels or apply different kinds of finishing.

  1. Room for Customization

Sometimes, the overall design of your home requires a bespoke entry door. Go for a design that you can customize. There is numerous door furniture that can add beauty to your entryway.

You can also try experimenting with your entryway’s lighting. If you have a pale yellow door, complement it with some bespoke statement lighting. You can go for a big letter of your last name in royal blue.

You can also go for a craftsman-style entry door. These doors are usually crafted by artisans. They incorporate custom details with high levels of intricacy.

You can complement the door’s artistic appeal by hanging porch lights on both sides.

  1. Traditional With a Twist

If you are using an old original door in your period home, why not give it a clever twist? Use a new design that will not clash with the home’s traditional appeal.

You can go for a stable door if your home evokes a country-style appeal. If you want something to match a Georgian-style home, a door with six panels will work.

  1. Try a Split Door

Last but not least, you can opt for a split door. In the past, split doors were only common on stables. Today, you can use them as an entry door.

You can keep the top half of the door free-flowing. This gives you additional security since you can see who’s on the other side without having to unlock the bottom half of the door.

This door also invites more ventilation into the house. You also don’t need to worry if ever you have small children or pets. By locking the bottom part of the door, you can rest assured knowing they won’t be going anywhere.

Use These Front Entry Door Ideas Today!

Replacing your old door is something that should excite you. By using these front entry door ideas we discussed, you can make your home more inviting than ever.

As for the other areas of your house, you should take a more open approach to different ideas. We invite you to check our different articles and blog posts for fresh ideas and provide home improvement tips.

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