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The Hoverboards Craze Has Cooled Down – Perfect Time To Bring Home A Hover Cart

Hoverboards had taken the world by storm a few years back and everyone was buying one. Now, the craze has settled into a steady and stable demand. Hoverboards are still very popular and they are still flying off the shelves especially during the holiday season.

However everyone who bought a hoverboard when the craze began around 2015, has reduced the usage of their hoverboards. Of course they still pull them out and ride them around the neighbourhood, but the initial thrill and excitement has cooled off a bit.

Especially when it comes to kids, their hoverboards aren’t coming out as often as before. This makes it the perfect time to buy a hoverboard cart or a hover cart.

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Hovercarts - The New Craze Is Here

What is a hoverboard cart or hovercart you ask, well it is a simple yet ingenious accessory with a seat and a wheel, that turns the good old hoverboard into a three wheeled electric rideable with a seat. And the best part is that you can strap on a hovercart on to the hoverboard in less than a minute. The hovercart was first created by Tyler Kroymann, who created a kickstarter project and tried to patent it. However, very soon manufacturers in China started to produce them en-masse, and then everything just exploded with hovercarts.

Today there are hundreds of companies making hovercarts of every kind, from off-road ones to attachments that accommodate an entire chair. These hovercarts are also known as hoverboard arts and hover seats, besides some other names.

The price range for a hover cart is from around $40 to about $100, and the only difference is in the quality and durability of the materials used. Most of the hover carts are imported from China so the packaging and instructions aren’t great.

When the hover cart first arrives, you need to assemble it. This is a one time effort, but it needs a little bit of time and some basic tools. Since the instruction booklets aren’t extremely detailed and many of them come from China, you may need to use common sense and put the hovercart together with a little bit of trial and error.

Frankly the assembly is very easy. You just need to put together pieces that fit into each other, tighten some nuts and bolts and you are done. However, it cannot be done by a child. The tools for assembling the hover cart come with it, and you need to follow the step by step diagrams to put it all together. There are many good YouTube videos showing how to assemble a hovercart too.

Once the hovercart is assembled, you are ready to transform your hoverboard into a go-cart. The principle behind the hoverboard cart is simple. The hoverboard will be made to move by pressing on the foot pads, however that is done through a mechanical process, where two hand levers are moved forward and backward to press forward or backward on the foot pads.

If you are aware of how a two wheeled electric hoverboard moves, you will now that the person standing on the hoverboard has to lean forward, and by that action press down forward on the foot pads to make the motor of the hoverboard propel it forward, and conversely press with the heels of the feet so that the back part of the footpads are pressed down, to propel it backwards. This simple principle lets you control the hoverboard completely. If you press one footpad harder than the other, then that particular wheel will rotate faster, allowing you to turn in the opposite direction.

Using the same principle, the hand levers act in the same way pressing down either towards the front or the back of the hoverboard’s foot pads and also according to the pressure you apply with your hands, so that you are in complete control of the hoverbard.

The advantage of the hovercart is that there is no danger of injury, there is no need to learn how to balance yourself on the hoverboard, there is no need to practice to be able to ride it. You just sit comfortably on the seat, use the hand levers and you are off. It’s easy, safe and a huge amount of fun.

This makes the hoverboard safe for younger children too, as they will never fall off, because they lost their balance. Adults too can have a go at this, especially with the variety of hovercarts available to buy today. The off-road hovercarts have pneumatic tires and also have shock absorbers. This makes them perfect to take your hoverboard go-cart anywhere, over a sandy beach, across a grassy lawn on gravel or a trail.

The average weight that a hovercart can take is around 220 lbs, and the seat that comes with the low cost hovercarts are very comfortable for kids and youngsters, but might be a tight squeeze for large adults. There are different quality hoverboard carts available to buy today, ranging from the lower cost basic ones to the best hoverboard carts  that are in the range of about a hundred dollars a piece. A top quality hovercart like the Jetson Jetcart 2.0 will have everything that you will need in a hoverboard cart.

The Jetcart 2.0 is stronger and more durable and overall is better made. It comes with dual shock absorbers and pneumatic tires. The seat is made from better material and is more suitable for kids and adults to sit on. The front tire is an inflatable all-terrain one that will allow you to go go-karting on grass, sand, gravel and uneven ground too. The foot rest bar is adjustable and can be lengthened and shortened as per the size of the person riding the hover cart. The Jetcart’s adjustable foot rest bars can be extended to 44 inches to accommodate a larger person.

Another advantage of a hoverboard cart like the Jetcart is that the initial assembly is much easier as the different components like the handles, foot rest and seat simply click into place after sliding into each other. After that it just a matter of tightening a few nuts and bolts and you are ready to go. The entire frame is made of a lightweight aluminum alloy that can supports people weighing up to 265 lbs. Of course the hovercart itself is easily attached to every size of hoverboard, whether 6 inches or 8 or 10 inches.

Now that you have a fair idea of a hover cart, it is high time that you infused new life into your or your kid’s hoverboard by bringing home a hoverboard cart today.

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  1. Kids using hoverboards since a long time and it is not at all dangerous from what I have heard and seen. Since it’s an electronic machine, it needs a regular maintenance like any other machines and vehicles. This can really have a negative effect on your pocket, but I think that is the only negative effect the hoverboard can give you.

    When kids start riding the hoverboard it may be quite difficult to control but after some practice it will become fun and much easier to use. But before choosing a right hoverboard for them, make sure to know all the necessary features of it. Protective wear for the kids is a must and can’t be negotiated.

    Thank you for a lovely article.

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