The end of day sleeps

The end of the Day Naps

Much to my horror my 3 year old daughter recently declared that she does not have day naps any more. I have tried my best to change her mind and for a good few weeks still attempted to get her to sleep but it has become clear that no matter what I try this girl has made up her mind. We have battled and once again I have lost!

As much as I love my daughter I loved the short break during the afternoon when I can relax a bit, she is incredibly busy and always demands a huge amount of attention from me which can be incredibly tiring.

As with any change in routine and new milestones this time is exceptionally tough. I thought the change from 2 day naps to 1 day nap was hard, this is much worse. By 3pm in the afternoon she is tired and gets progressively more difficult as the day goes on. It is hard to try and discipline her in any constructive way as she is overtired: self-control has gone out the window. She cannot listen, she gets rude and cheeky and rough. It is like trying to deal with a person drunk or high on drugs!

I need to be patient and remember that she is just a little person, that is tired and going through a major change in her life. At times this is almost impossible as it feels like my child was stolen and a gremlin put in her place!

The last few days have been slightly better, but to be honest I don’t think it has anything to do with her, it all comes down to the decision I made recently to stay calm, not get upset and to be more loving towards my child no matter what she does.

What age did your child stop sleeping during the day?

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  1. So glad that I manage to squeeze in a small afternoon naps mmmmmm…..80% of the time 🙂

  2. Omg even my 3year dont want to sleep easily unless its cold that when he will join me on the bed but beside that,he will just play around with his toys and when i try to sleep he keeps on talking to me and me somethings and that time am so damn tired and he make me even more tire.

  3. I used my time for napping when my boy goes to nap during the day but oh my for some reason its like he know because then he will take extra short naps but for now i can get some naps in during the day but not always as i have a house to run also cooking cleaning ect.

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