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The Crazy Store Kits Out Your Kickstart Kitchen

Moving into your first home or student accommodation is an exciting time, especially if you’re fortunate enough to start kitting out rooms from scratch with new items.  The Crazy Store is thrilled to launch its Kickstart kitchen range with items curated with those officially starting out in mind.

From knives, forks and jugs through to kitchen essentials like spatulas, scissors and serving spoons.  The Crazy Store has thought of everything you may need in bang on-trend colours: green, grey, and white, in order to tie into the latest kitchen décor trends.

There’s even an extensive range of baking sheets, muffin trays and different shaped cake tins for those who love to bake and create meals that taste like home whilst creating memories and flavours in a new kitchen – and with prices starting from R19.99, you’ll be able to treat yourself to a few extra goodies in store.

All you need is a recipe or the confidence to whip up delicious dishes from scratch in the kitchen, The Crazy Store will take care of the rest.

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* The range is available at The Crazy Store from October 2020.

* Prices are subject to change.

*The Crazy Store encourages safe Covid-19 protocol and urges all customers to wear their masks, sanitise their hands and follow WHO best practice measures.

Nylon Pasta Spoon

Kitchen-tool nylon pasta spoon – R29.99 each (SKU 002-000660)

Nylon Lifter

Kitchen-tool nylon lifter – R29.99 each (SKU 002-000662)

Vegetable peeler

Y-shape vegetable peeler – R19.99 each (SKU 002-00806)

Kitchen Scissors

Kitchen scissors, 21cm – R19.99 each (SKU 020-000014)

Square pan

Non-stick square pan, 18 x 18 x 4.5cm – R54.99 (SKU 024-000150-C)

6 Hole muffin pan

Non-stick 6-hole muffin pan – R89.99 (SKU 024-000150-E)

Pairing Knife set

Pairing knife-set, 2 piece – R29.99 (SKU 020-000145)

3 Way Flat Grater

3-way flat grater – R19.99 each (SKU 002-000749)

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About The Crazy Store

The Crazy Store has been around for over 20 years and sets out to surprise and delight its customers with its huge range of toys, kitchenware, novelty, confectionery, hardware, and so much more. With 400 stores across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana, and set on a path for continued steady growth, The Crazy Store is dedicated to creating a crazy, fun and always successful experience for everyone. 

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  1. Sure checking this one out just changed accommodations I’d like to explore this branch of crazy store as they are certified to to give us great price offers

  2. Really enjoy shopping at Crazy Store – always quirky, unusual goodies at great prices!

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